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23 Pregnancy Hacks for Nausea, Sleep, Clothing, & Baby Prep

pregnancy hacks

After trying all the pregnancy hacks out there, I can assure you that these hacks are the best out there! The nausea hacks gave me my life back in the first trimester!  The clothing hacks saved hundreds of dollars on maternity clothes! The sleep hacks let me actually get rest as my belly grew so […]

What is the Difference Between a Baby Shower vs Baby Sprinkle

baby shower vs baby sprinkle

When I went to plan party to celebrate my second baby, I found myself completely confused by the differences between a baby shower vs baby sprinkle. I did a lot of research and learned quickly that just about everything is different! Luckily you now don’t have to do the research cause I’ve done it all […]

First Trimester Checklist | Free Printable

First Trimester Checklist

If you are reading this post, you probably just found out that you are pregnant! So, let me start off with a big CONGRATULATIONS! This post is all about the first trimester checklist that will help you both celebrate and also begin planning for the little bundle of joy forming inside you!  This post contains […]