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FREE Baby Proofing Checklist & a List of the Best Baby Proofing Products

The best time to go through this baby proofing checklist is before your baby arrives. Trust me that they will be crawling around before you know it. So, baby proofing in advanced avoids having to baby proof in a panic when they decide to start zooming across the floor. And having moved five times since […]

14 Easy to Grow Non-Toxic Indoor Plants That Are Safe For Kids

Non-Toxic Indoor Plants

Adding plants to your home is one of the best ways to liven up your space and add some color! Some of these plants also purify the air and remove toxins from your home! However, curious babies and toddlers tend to explore house plants with both their hands and their mouth. So, it is important […]

A Realistic Cleaning Schedule for Busy Moms Who Love a Clean House

realistic cleaning schedule

What if I told you that this realistic cleaning schedule could keep your house clean in less than an hour a day? No more weekends filled with cleaning. No more scrambling to make your house presentable when people are coming over. Doing a few small daily tasks and one main task every day allows you […]