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17 Effective Pregnancy Stretches for Lower Back Pain That You Need to Try

pregnancy stretches for lower back pain

These pregnancy stretches for lower back pain have been game changing in my second pregnancy! I know very well just how frustrating pregnancy back pain can be, especially if you are hauling other kids around with you too. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and these stretches are my life line.  This post is all […]

15 Minute Prenatal Core Workout | No Repeats & Safe For All Trimesters

prenatal core workout

This prenatal core workout is safe for all trimesters, requires only a band and a single dumbbell, and has no repeat exercises! As I write this, I myself am 19 weeks pregnant and loving this workout! Prenatal core is the key to less back pain, greater pelvic stability, and a quicker recovery once you deliver. […]