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FREE Second Trimester Checklist to Start Prepping for Baby

second trimester checklist

This second trimester checklist is the perfect way to keep track of everything there is to do in the second trimester! I was so overwhelmed trying to sort through everything there was to do during my first pregnancy, so I’ve taken care of all the planning for you! Print this checklist off and work through […]

FREE First Trimester Checklist

First Trimester Checklist

If you’re looking up a first trimester checklist,, you probably just found out that you are pregnant! So, let me start off with a big CONGRATULATIONS! This checklist will help you keep track of any appointments, adjust your diet as needed, get comfortable  This post is all about a first trimester checklist to keep the […]

26 Things New Moms Need for Themselves (Gifts That AREN’T For The Baby)

Things New Moms Need For Themselves

There are plenty of things new moms need for themselves, but most times everything that is bought before and after a baby is only for the baby! So here are a few things that moms can buy for themselves or their fellow mama friends that any mama will love!  This post is all about things […]