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26 Things New Moms Need for Themselves (Gifts That AREN’T For The Baby)

There are plenty of things new moms need for themselves, but most times everything that is bought before and after a baby is only for the baby! So here are a few things that moms can buy for themselves or their fellow mama friends that any mama will love! 

This post is all about things new moms need for themselves!

Things New Moms Need For Themselves

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Things New Moms Need for Themselves

Self Care

Self care gifts are crucial for new moms, but they often get forgotten amongst all the cute baby clothes and mountains of diapers. Whether you are buying for yourself or buying for a friend, make sure that you make self care a priority. Here are a few items that will bring the spa to you! Also, check out my article on “35 Me Time Ideas for Moms,” to learn how to make pampering yourself a part of mom life! 

Gel nail Kit

Having your finger nails painted is the fastest way to feel put together (even when you’re totally not). I bought this gel nail kit for myself off Amazon and I was amazed at just how well it worked! My nails lasted about two weeks before they started to peel or chip at all and the whole set up costs WAY less than a single manicure! This kit comes with everything you could possibly need, including six gorgeous colors! What’s better than cheap manicures at home while the baby naps! 

Eye Masks

Unfortunately, long nights and dark circles are just a part of those first months with a newborn. Under eye masks are a great option to help combat those dark circles. They are quick and easy and will help new mommas feel more confident when visitors arrive! 

Cute Hair Ties/Scrunchies

We all know about the classic, “mom bun,” so why not make it a little more fun for mom to put her hair up! These adorable scrunchies are SO cheap and SO cute! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them and I love the way they can make a quick messy bun look cute!

Water Bottle Tracker w/Straw

New moms, especially breastfeeding moms, need to drink LOTS of water! Recovering from birth and taking care of a little one is a lot on the body. Since it’s so easy to forget to drink water in the chaos, a tracker water bottle is a great reminder to drink throughout the day. With time markers along the side, it makes sure that you are staying on track with your goals and drinking enough water each day. Plus, a quick flip out straw will also help moms to drink more water when they only have one hand available!

Massage Pillow

Breastfeeding left me with all kinds of back and shoulder pain from hunching over or twisting weird to get baby in the perfect position. Plus, it seemed my feet were even more sore than when I was pregnant! Rather than buying a back massager or a foot massager, grab a massager pillow that can be used on any area! Trips to the spa may not happen for a little while with your new baby, so this is a great option to have at home! 

Wireless Earbuds

Staying connected to the outside world can feel daunting with a newborn. It’s harder to get out of the house than it used to be and you don’t see your friends and family as much as you used to. I really believe that wireless earbuds are a great mom gift to help moms stay connected with friends and family. As a mom, you always need to have your hands free and wireless earbuds let you do that even while you are calling a friend, reading an audio book, listening to a podcase, etc. I use mine almost daily and don’t think I could function without them! Plus, these ones are insanely affordable! 


Even though days with young babies can be chaotic, moms are sitting with their baby A LOT! In fact, moms of newborns are estimated to breastfeed for about 8 hours a day! (I can attest this is true) While I definitely encourage all mamas to take the time to just stare into those little one’s eyes while feeding and rocking them, eventually a little entertainment would be appreciated when you get nap trapped.  A subscription to somewhere like Hulu or Disney+ is a great way to treat yourself or your mama friend to a little relaxation time. 

Clothing & Accessories

Cute Button Up Night Gown

Button up night gowns are the perfect comfortable clothing for easy nursing! I personally own the Stars Above soft notch collar nightgown from Target! It’s so light and comfortable and was the perfect thing for the hospital too! If you aren’t a fan of the longer sleeve, there is also a cute short sleeve version on Amazon. 

Things Every Mom Needs for Themselves | Stars Above Night Gown

Mom Jewelry

How could I leave the go to “MAMA” necklace off the list! This one is super dainty and comes in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold so you can match it to the other jewelry and accessories you own! 

Mama Apparrell

And of course…mom apparel is a must. It’s a badge of honor. Both this  MAMA crewneck and Mama Tee are super neutral yet cute. Any mom will love them! Why not look cozy and cute while you brag on your little fam!

Comfortable Robe

I lived in my soft fuzzy robe during the hospital stay and loved having it at home for night time feeds. This super lightweight robe is also perfect for any season!


Being able to slide on slippers before you zombie walk to feed your baby at night makes it ever so slightly better. Plus, you’ll be home in sweatpants a lot at first and slippers just complete the outfit! I personally love my Mama Bear slippers.

Postpartum Underwear

Period underwear is the perfect postpartum hack to not ruin all your cute underwear! These underwear absorb up to FOUR tampons worth of blood. So you’re definitely covered if your postpartum pads leak at all. 

Caffeine & Wine

Dragging a newborn out of the house to go get a cup of coffee isn’t the easiest thing. Plus there aren’t tons of babies on wine tours,. So, these things are meant to bring the caffeine and wine to you! 

Coffee maker/espresso maker

I use my Breville Cafe Roma espresso maker daily (or more than once a day sometimes). It is an extremely high quality espresso machine at a really good price. I’ve saved a ton of time and money not dragging kids to Starbucks constantly! 

Coffee Flavor Syrups

If you give a mom a coffee maker, she will ask for some flavor syrups. I personally recommend a good variety pack to be able to change it up! I love both Torani syrups an Monin syrups.

Ember Coffee Mug

Keeping coffee warm is a battle moms have fought for ages. By the time moms get around to drinking their coffee, it’s ice cold. If you aren’t a fan of iced coffee, an Ember Coffee Mug will keep it warm all day. 

Cute mom wine glass

Even if you plan to breastfeed, there are ways to safely drink if you wait the right length of time. Do your research and talk to your doctor first. Then go ahead and celebrate alongside your fellow mom friends with this funny Mom Wine Glass


Keepsakes make beautiful nursery and home decorations. While many baby keepsakes don’t get used, these are a few that any mom would love.

Willow Tree

 absolute favorite Willow Tree for moms is “The Quilt,” which has a kid cuddled into their mother’s shoulder, both of them cozy under a blanket. I have some of the sweetest memories cuddled up with my kids.

One Line a Day

Baby books are so unrealistic to keep up with for every kid. But a one line a day book is a great way to document your children growing up in only seconds every day! Simply set an alarm on your phone at night and take a moment to write a sentence down. It’s also hilarious to document some of the things toddlers and little kids say later on! 

Mobile Photo Printer

No mom can resist taking hundreds of photos of their baby…daily. A mobile photo printer is a great gifts for moms to print their favorite photos right from home! Best of all, it doesn’t even use ink! The only thing needed to print is the paper and a phone! 

First Year Frame

A baby book is time consuming and can cause stress instead of the intended excitement. Plus, once it’s done, a baby book is likely to just sit on a shelf. Instead, a first year frame takes very little time and can even be done all at once at the end of the year! And instead of sitting in a box, it can be hung up. 

Practical Gifts

If you are buying a gift for a new mom, these items are a few practical ideas that will help make life a little easier for her! She will definitely thank you later! 

Meal Service

With a newborn to take care of, the last thing moms want to do is figure out what to make for dinner. A meal service like Home Chef, Blue Apron, or Hello Fresh that can be delivered directly to the door is the perfect gift for any new mom. 

Instant Pot

Dinner can so easily be forgotten in the craziness of a newborn. But, if you have an Instant Pot, you can still have dinner ready 15 minutes later. 

Restaurant Gift Cards

The biggest gift you can give any mom is the gift of not having to cook. Getting take out was one of my favorite gifts as a new mom! Whether you buy them a physical or a virtual gift card, they are sure to love the luxury of not cooking. 

Tile Tracker for Important Baby Items

Babies come with  A LOT of stuff! I am always amazed at how much stuff I have to take with me each time I leave the house. With lots of stuff comes lots of opportunity to lose it. A bluetooth tracker key chain is a great thing to throw onto the diaper bag in case it gets left behind somewhere or misplaced. These are also great to throw on toddlers’ favorite stuffed animal so you can always find it! 

House Cleaning Service

As a new mom, I just wanted my guests to offer to clean and cook. I didn’t need them to hold my baby while I cleaned. I wanted to sit with my baby and not have to clean. Just make sure to clear it with your friend first if it’s a gift for them since some people may not like other people cleaning for them. 

This post was all about the list of things new moms need for themselves. With everything from self care to house cleaning, there is sure to be tons on this list that any new moms will love! If you are a new mama, congratulations! If you are shopping for a new mama, thanks for being a good friend and I hope you found something your friend will love! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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