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15 Potty Training Hacks That Made Potty Training So Much Easier

potty training hacks

Potty training honestly intimidated the crap out of me at first but these potty training hacks helped make it a whole lot easier for both of us.  This post is all about potty training hacks that are tried and tested. These are hacks that actually work and will make potty training so much easier. This […]

30 Genius Mom Hacks You’ll Use Every Day

mom hacks

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time mom or a mom of eight, I promise these mom hacks will rock your world. They have saved me so much time, money, and sanity!  This post is all about the mom hacks that I use and love on a daily basis! This post contains affiliate links. […]

My Open Letter of Encouragement to New Moms

open letter of encouragement to new moms

Dear New Mama, First of all, congratulations on your sweet little one! Being a mom is going to push you to find strength you didn’t know you had and experience love that you didn’t know was possible. Motherhood is one of the most precious gifts but that doesn’t mean it comes without craziness. In fact, […]

13 Secrets to Make Grocery Shopping with a Baby a Breeze

grocery shopping with a baby

Grocery shopping with a baby or a toddler in tow doesn’t have to be so hard! You just have to prepare well! It’s all about timing, preparation, and a well stocked diaper bag!  This post is all about a few ways I make errands and grocery shopping with a baby go smoothly. This article contains […]

35 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me

breastfeeding tips for new moms

I wrote up these breastfeeding tips for new moms because while breastfeeding is natural, it may not come naturally at first. I know I personally had thousands of questions about breastfeeding when I first started.  This post is all about the breastfeeding tips for new moms that I hope ease your mind and help you […]