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I’m so glad that you’re here! Let’s make busy mom life a little easier so that you can enjoy the beautiful parts more! As a welcome gift to you, I’d love for you to check out some of the free printables I’ve made especially for moms!

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Meet the Mommy

Kids are just the beginning of a wonderful adventure! Being a mom is quite simply the busiest thing I’ve ever done and also the most beautiful gift I’ve ever been given. I’ve created this blog to help you find ways to make mom life a little less busy so that you can enjoy the beautiful parts more. Come with me to continue your life, your adventures, your fitness journey, your amazing cooking, your social life, and more. Life doesn’t have to stop when you have kids. It is just the beginning.

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Being a mom can sometimes feel lonely, but there are millions of other mamas feeling the same way! Let’s get connected. Let’s support each other. Let’s encourage each other. Let’s come together to be the best moms we can be!

Why I Started This Blog
Me with my sweet boy

If you have made it this far down the page, first of all…thank you! Thank you for being here! It means a lot to me!  I started mom life feeling alone, overwhelmed, scared, and so confused at every turn. I remember looking at my newborn and thinking, “I’m not even entirely sure how to change that diaper.” That is not a fun place to be and I don’t wish that on any mom. My dream is that you find something (hopefully things!) here that help you feel encouraged, supported, appreciated, and empowered as a mom! That is exactly why I started this blog.