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A Mama’s Gift Guide: 30 Christmas Gifts for 18 Month Old

This gift guide has Montessori toys, bath toys, quiet toys, building toys, toys for little car lovers, and even ones for fine motor skills! It’s filled with our favorite toys right now and the ones that will be under the tree this year! We hope you love them too! 

christmas gifts for 18 month old

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1. Sound Puzzles

The Melissa and Doug sound puzzles have been a favorite since my son got them on his first birthday. It has been so cool to watch him progress and learn about the different pieces of each puzzle as he gets bigger! We have the instruments puzzle, vehicles puzzle, and the farm animals puzzle at our house! If you also decide to get a couple, check out my mom hack on how to store them neatly and not lose pieces all over the house! 

2. Mega Blocks

With mega blocks just being a larger version of Legos, what’s not to love! 

3. Lego Duplo Number train

Our 18 month old plays with his Duplo train at least once every single day! I love being able to work on numbers with him while he is playing with a toy that he loves! 

4. Mini Wagon from Radio Flyer

At just 12.5 inches, it’s easy to play with this mini wagon both outside and inside. It’s the perfect height for our son to pull around and the perfect size to fill with little toys! Fill it with stuffed animals and your toddler will be dragging it around with a smile for hours. 

5. New Books

One of the family Christmas traditions in our house is a box of books for everyone in the family! Check out our list of all our favorite books here

6. Peel & Slice Fruit

While I originally wanted to buy wooden fruit for my 18 month old, I ended up buying rubber ones like this that are both peelable and sliceable! I think they feel much more realistic and they’ve been a big hit! 

7. Caterpillar Gear Toy

This Melissa and Doug gear toy was a great addition to my sons bin of quiet toys. It’s great for him as he learns matching, colors, and cause and effect! 

8. Tool Workbench

While most kids’ workbenches are absolutely massive, this wooden workbench is only about 8 inhces wide and 11 inches tall. It’s perfect for our tiny one bedroom apartment life

9. Car Run

On the days teething gets the best of my son, his car run is the only thing that will calm him down. It’s actually amazing how many times an 18 month old can put the cars down and not get bored. Just trust me on this one.  Our car run has been a life saver for us. 

10. Wooden Name Puzzle

Custom name puzzles are great Christmas gifts for 18 month old little ones learning their name. They also are a great option for nieces, nephews, or your friends’ kids if you don’t know what toys they have already! 

11. Bath Tub Building Pipes

Essentially a marble run for the bath tub, these bath building pipes stick onto the side of the tub to create a “water run!”  I’ve gotta be honest…I’m pretty excited to try them out myself. 

12. Fine Motor Hedgehog

This little hedgehog toy will be under our tree this year and I am so excited! While I can’t review it for you quite yet, there are over 44,000 amazing reviews you can read on this adorable toy! 

13. Lego Alphabet Truck

Between the Lego Number Train and the Lego Alphabet truck, you’ll be able to build some amazing towers with your toddler and your toddler will learn tons too! 

14. Learning Friends Word Book

The Learning Friends Word Book is one of the best educational Christmas gifts for 18 month old toddlers. As your little one is learning to talk, this book will give them a fun way to learn new words! 

15. Buckle Toy

If your 18 month old is anything like mine, they may just have an obsession with buckling and unbuckling things on repeat. This buckle square is a great quiet toy that they will love! 

16. A Functional Mini Vacuum

This miniature Dyson vacuum couldn’t be pried from my 18 month old’s hand for days after he got it! The best part….it actually suctions and looks just like the real thing! 

17. Plush Fishing Toy

This Melissa & Doug fishing toy can be used simply as a fishing game at first and then a counting game as your child gets older! We’ve had lots of fun with it! 

18. Locks & Latches Board

The Melissa & Doug locks puzzle is great for fine motor skills, colors, animals, and numbers! However, I would definitely make sure you don’t have any of these locks in your house before you buy it!

19. Rainbow Stacker

This Montessori rainbow stacking toy has a small footprint and can be used in many different ways! It also makes a great car tunnel! 

20. Swimming Turtle Bath Toys

These little swimming turtles will amaze your little one and make bath time more fun for everybody! 

21. Pull Frog

This adorable little pull frog toy from Melissa and Doug works great even in our tiny little apartment! 

22. Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Magnets

These wooden animal magnets are a lot bigger than any other kid magnets I’ve seen which makes them easier for little hands to pick up and manipulate. We love using them on the fridge, oven, and even the washer and dryer! 

23. Pounding Bench

The Melissa & Doug pounding bench has been one of my toddlers favorite toys. As you pound one peg, the peg on the other side pops up. It’s a great way to help little ones get out frustration or just to have a little fun! 

24. Radio Flyer Scoot to Scooter

So many kid toys last a short time before they are out grown. This scooter is a little different. The handle extends and the bottom piece where their foot goes also flips over to become a seat! So, this scooter is not only perfect for your 18 month old now, but it will work for a couple years too! They are the perfect Christmas gifts for 18 month old adventurers!

25. Pop Up Tunnel

We decided it’s time to upgrade from our son crawling back and forth under our legs as a tunnel, so this pop up tunnel is on our Christmas list this year! It also breaks down super small when you aren’t using it to make storage easy under their bed or crib. 

26. Pop Tubes

If you are looking for stocking stuffers, pop tubes are a great option. They are cheap, perfect for little hands, and also great on the go too! 

27. Wooden Lacing Toy

While apples and worms don’t normally get along too well, they are a ton of fun together with this wooden lacing toy and this toy great for developing fine motor skills. 

28. Road Tape

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for 18 month old car lovers, this road tape is the perfect toy for playing inside on cold days! 

29. Touch Light Board

Ditch the pen and paper (or more likely sharpie and walls) and grab this touch light board for some mess free drawing.  These are perfect Christmas gifts for 18 month old artists! 

30. Glow in the Dark Stars

Our toddler loves falling asleep under the stars in his bedroom. This set of glow in the dark stars also comes with planets too! 

I hope you were able to find a few Christmas gifts for 18 month old cuties in your life! Let me know down below which toy was their favorite! Merry Christmas mamas! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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