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What to Put on a Baby Registry | A Free Printable Baby Registry Checklist

This post in not only about what to put on a baby registry, but also what NOT to put on a baby registry. While many baby registries add unnecessary items and forget the best products, this baby registry checklist is made by a fellow mom. I’ll include those amazing must haves and let you know what dust collectors to leave out. 

This post is all about what to put on a baby registry so you get the best products possible and you only get the things you need! 

What to put on a baby registry

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What to Put on a Baby Registry

Why Create a Baby Registry

Your friends and family will want to celebrate with you and spoil your little one just as much as you do (and maybe more when it comes to grandmas). A registry lets everyone know what you have already, what you need, and the items that you’d love! Creating a baby registry is a great way to get a head start on all the things you need for your little one and decrease the large cost that comes with preparing for a baby. Creating a baby registry for your baby shower also decreases the chance you’ll get a ton of stuff you don’t want! 

When to Register

You can start your baby registry as early as you would like! Many companies have settings to make your registry private until you are ready for your baby shower. It can be beneficial to start your baby registry early on in your pregnancy so that you can add things along the way as you talk with fellow moms or see items that you love! 

Where to Register

There are so many baby registry options out there! I personally used Amazon for my baby shower and loved it. Some other common places to register are Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Baby List. Since each of these baby registry sites has their own unique perks, I’ve outlined it all out for you below! 



Pssst: You could also sign up for a bunch of registries to get all kinds of welcome boxes and then decide which one to use!

amazon baby registry

  • A Welcome Box with all kinds of goodies sent to you for FREE
  • 15% off remaining items on your registry for prime members (10% off remaining items if you are not a prime member) that works 60 days past your due date
  • Group gifting available and you set the price amount you want to allow group gifting for in the settings of your registry
  • Diaper fund option available
  • Free shipping if you are a prime member (Free shipping on anything over $25 if not a prime member)
  • Free returns or exchanges for up to a year on gifts you receive and 90 days for any items that you yourself purchase from your registry
  • Universal Registry option to add things from sites other than AmazoN

Register with Amazon here.


  • A welcome kit worth $100! (pick up in store or have it sent to you with a purchase of $35 or more) 
  • 15% off completion discount for the 8 weeks prior to your baby’s expected due date
  • Allows group gifting for any item over $100
  • Free returns or exchanges for up to a year on gifts you receive and 90 days for any items that you yourself purchase from your registry
  • Offers a universal registry to add things from sites other than Target

Register with Target here. 

buy buy baby registry

  • Free goody bag of samples and Buy Buy Baby coupon (does have to be picked up in store) 
  • 15% off completion discount that works up to 3 months past your due date
  • Group gifting available for anything over $100
  • Diaper fund option available 
  • Will price match any item

Register with Buy Buy Baby here

babylist baby registry

  • Hello Baby Box- you will only receive this box if your registry contains 3 items from their store and 3 items from other stores, you buy something that’s at least $10, and you pay $5.99 for shipping
  • One time 15% off registry discount for the remaining items for the 60 days leading up to your due date
  • Can create a fund such as a college or adoption fund
  • Babylist extension button makes it super easy to add items from any website
  • Can add personal gifts such as a home cooked meal, house cleaning, or dog walking, pre-loved baby clothes or books
  • Universal Registry

Register with Babylist here

What NOT to Put on a Baby Registry

Before we get started on what to put on a baby registry, we need to go over what not to put on a baby registry. Many baby registry sites and stores will provide you with their own version of a baby registry checklist. However, those lists are filled with things that you don’t actually need and probably will never use. Babies get expensive! Save yourself some time, money, and space in your home by skipping out on the following 15 baby items.

Wipe Warmer

A wipe warmer is one of those things that sounds ingenious but in the end it really isn’t. Most parents that get one never actually use it and you can warm a wipe up by putting it between your hands for a few seconds if you really want to. Wipe warmers are also a breeding ground for bacteria growth! 

Bottle warmer

Skip the bottle warmer. All it will do is take up space on your counter and sticking the bottle in a bowl of warm water will do the same thing.

Bottle sanitizer

This is another thing you will never use. It will just take up more of that precious counter space. A dishwasher does the same thing anyways.

Diaper Genie

While diaper genies are great for bagging up nasty diapers, they don’t always block all of the smell and paying for the refills can get pricey fast! I personally use doggy poop bags and use an old Lysol wipes container as the dispenser! It does the same thing a whole lot cheaper and it doesn’t take up space in my home. The doggy bags even come in different scents! Check out my Mom Hack Monday Instagram Reel on how to make the dispenser and find the exact doggy bags I use here! 

Full Sized High Chair

My husband and I have lived in apartments since we got married. So when we found out we were pregnant, I went searching for space saving products. Turns out, you don’t need a full size high chair at all. I bought the Summer Pop N’ Sit Collapsible Booster Chair and we use it full time! It’s great for on the go too because it collapses into its own carry bag for when we go out to eat or go for dinner at other peoples’ houses. I actually brought this chair to the airport with us too cause it’s small enough to easily bring in my carry on! 

Formula for the Masses

If you plan to formula feed your baby, DO NOT go buy massive amounts of formula before your baby is born. You could spend $100 easy on it and then your baby may not like the kind you chose! Instead, register for free samples here with Enfamil and Similac. Try out the different kinds with your newborn and then decide which one to buy.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breastmilk storage bags get expensive quickly. On top of cost, freezing multiple ounces of milk together often results in having to throw away breast milk that your baby doesn’t drink. Instead, get a few of these silicone ice cube trays with a lids and freeze your breast milk in 1 ounce cubes. They are easy to thaw, you don’t have to pay for bags, and you can thaw exactly what your baby needs.

Disposable Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are a must when it comes to breastfeeding unless you’re a fan of leaking through your clothes. Disposable nursing pads are itchy to wear and expensive to continue replacing all day long. Buying washable nursing pads is both less expensive and far more comfortable! 

Tons of Bottles

DO NOT spend money on a bunch of bottles before your baby is born. Just like the formula, babies can be picky and may refuse to drink from certain types of bottles. I suggest buying one or two of these MAM newborn bottles (my son loved this bottle and they are the best for breastfed babies!) and then waiting to see if your baby likes it. 

newborn Bath towels

You baby will grow out of all those adorable newborn hooded towels so fast you’ll hardly get to use them. Instead, buy a nice toddler hooded towel that will fit them for years to come or just use a towel you already have.

Bumbo Seat

While bumbo seats are extremely popular, they can actually be harmful to childrens’ hips. An aunt of mine who is a well known occupational therapist warned me before having a baby to never purchase bumbo seats. She is often correcting hip issues created by these seats in her therapy sessions.

Baby Shoes

Don’t bother purchasing a bunch of baby shoes. Your baby won’t be walking for almost a year and they will just get kicked off and lost whenever you go anywhere. If you want a pair of shoes for a picture, buy a single pair of soft soled shoes. I personally prefer to just buy a single pair of comfortable velcro booties that will stay on well and keep their tiny feet warm. 

Baby Food Maker/Processor

While these baby food makers look cool, your blender will work just fine. Check out how to make baby food yourself with just a blender and an ice cube tray on my blog post,How to Make Homemade Baby Food (and 21 Recipes to Get You Started).”

Nasal Aspirator

While a nasal aspirator is an excellent tool, most hospitals will give you one (or two). I didn’t put one on my registry and somehow still ended up with three of them. 

Changing Table

Instead of purchasing a changing table, just put a changing pad on top of a dresser. The dresser will be far more useful when your baby gets older and it will also provide far more storage than any changing table. 

What to Put on a Baby Registry

Okay, now that we have worked through what not to put on a baby registry, I want to share with you exactly you need to put on a baby registry to make mom life so much easier! 


  • Bassinet- Bedside bassinets make the fourth trimester so much easier and are the best for quick night time feeds! 
  • Crib and Crib mattress- You don’t necessarily need to buy a crib right away since baby will probably be in a bassinet. But I do recommend getting a crib on your registry since it’s often an expensive item. I highly suggest a metal crib so your baby doesn’t destroy it chewing on it when they start teething! We got this crib mattress and we love it! It’s much firmer than a lot of mattresses which is a lot saver for little ones. 
  • Crib sheets and mattress pad- The Burt’s Bees crib sheets are the best! They are so soft and come in adorable designs too! I also highly suggest a mattress pad to save you from ruining those adorable sheets!
  • Rocker Glider- If you ask me, a rocking chair is an absolute must in a nursery! This is especially true for breastfeeding mamas! But, what’s even better is a swivel, rocker, glider, recliner!
  • Baby Swing- Never underestimate the power of a baby swing! The Graco Simple Sway Swing saved my sanity many days!  
  • Changing Pad- A changing pad can turn anything and anywhere into a changing table. Skip the changing table when it comes to nursery furniture. Putting a changing pad on top of a dresser creates a changing table with a ton more storage! 
  • Mesh crib liner– There is a lot of debate on whether or not to use a crib liner. I went without one for a while until my son was constantly getting his arms and legs stuck in the crib slats. We bought this mesh crib liner that stops his little arms and legs from getting stuck but gives me peace of mind that he can still breath if he ends up sleeping against it. 
  • Knit basket for blankets or toys- Whether or not you ask for them, you will receive at least 10 blankets at your shower. Guaranteed. I loved storing mine in a knit basket that then doubled as a toy bin as he got older! 
  • Shelf for books– After having everyone at our shower bring a signed book instead of a card, we needed a place to store them all! We picked up this super inexpensive shelf and it is the perfect size for all the baby books in your nursery.


what not to put on a baby registry
  • Diaper caddy– A diaper caddy is a great thing to have so you can easily change diapers all around the house. I also like to carry an extra one in the trunk of my car for on the go emergencies! Watch my Instagram reel here to see everything that I included in my emergency car caddy! 
  • Diapers– Decide whether you want to use cloth or disposable diapers and which diaper brand you want to use. Make sure to put a pack or two on the registry to let people know what brand you are wanting to use (I personally swear by Luvs when it comes to disposable diapers). Many registries also offer an option of putting a diaper fund on your registry if you would rather do that! 
  • Huggies Natural Care Wipes- I have tried many wipe brands and Huggies Natural Care Wipes are the only ones I’ve found that actually come apart when you are pulling with one hand! They are also made for sensitive skin!
  • Foldable Changing Pad– When you have to change a diaper on someone else’s couch or in the middle of the mall, a foldable changing pad is a great thing to have in your diaper bag!


  • Double electric breast pump- I personally own the Medela Portable Breast Pump with Max Flow. It is  a great affordable breast pump option that isn’t super bulky either! If you are looking for the best of the best and are willing to spend a little more, I definitely recommend Elvie Wearable Breast Pumps! They are completely silent and no one will even be able to tell that you are wearing them! But before you put either of these on your registry, make sure to check with your health insurance and see if you can get a free breast pump. It’s an easy way to save $200! 
  • Washable breast pads– It’s inevitable that you will leak when you are breastfeeding. While disposable breast pads are extremely itchy, these washable reusable breast pads are comfortable, soft, and will help keep you dry. 
  • Nursing pillow/Boppy– While not completely necessary, a nursing pillow is extremely helpful in the beginning stages of nursing. I found a Boppy to be the most useful nursing pillow because it was a great tool for tummy time later on! It was also my sons favorite nap spot.
  • Burp cloths– Burp cloths are a huge must on your registry! I loved using Burt’s Bees Burp Cloths. They are extremely soft and durable. In fact, my son drags one around with him every day still as a toddler and loves rubbing it on his cheeks when he’s tired (his version of a blanket :)).
  • Lanolin nipple cream– Nipple cream is a life safer while you and your baby are still learning how to breastfeed. Lanolin is the best nipple cream out there! 
  • Nursing cover- A nursing cover is a great thing to have on hand for when your baby gets hungry out in public or while company is over. A 360 nursing cover can also function as a car seat cover and a shopping cart cover as they get older. 
  • Bottle Drying Rack & Bottle Cleaning Brush– It can be really hard to clean those tiny baby bottles and a bottle cleaning brush definitely is handy to have around. If you are using bottles frequently or plan to use formula, you may also want to invest in this grass style bottle drying rack
  • A Bottle or 2– I swear by MAM baby bottles and they really helped my son transition back and forth between bottles and breastfeeding easily. I suggest buying one MAM newborn bottle and seeing how your baby likes it. Since every baby is different and picky about their bottle, it is important to not buy too many in advanced. 
  • Silicone bibs– Every cloth bib that I received at my shower was stained and ruined the first time my son wore it. Not to mention, his clothes still got covered in food too. I switched to owning two silicone bibs with a catch pocket and I will never buy a cloth bib again. 


Mom Must Haves
  • Velcro Swaddles- When we first got home from the hospital, I could not swaddle my son to save my life. I always had to wake up my husband to do it. Then, I found a velcro swaddle! The aden+anais velcro swaddles even have a sipper bottom for easy diaper changes!
  • Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit– The Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit is the PERFECT transition from swaddling! I’m actually convinced this thing is magic. 
  • Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack– Once our son started to roll over, we easily transitioned him from the Merlin Sleep Suit into the Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack. And after he got a little bigger, he easily transitioned to sleeping with nothing. 
  • Lovey- Every kid needs a lovey to cuddle. The ones with the silk edge are the best! 
  • Hatch- Rather than buying a night light for night feedings and also a sound machine, just get Hatch that does both! Plus, this will also function as a great sleep tool for your toddler later on! 
  • Pacifiers– Only get a couple pacifiers in case your baby doesn’t like the kind you choose. I personally love the MAM pacifiers, which are great for breastfeeding babies. 
  • Baby monitor– When looking for a baby monitor, you may want to consider looking for one that does not connect to wifi. As baby monitors that go through wifi can easily be hacked by people outside your home. The ANMEATE Baby Monitor is extremely affordable, does not use wifi, has a long lasting battery, and has a long range. 


While I guarantee people will buy you clothing without being asked, here are a few clothing items people may not think to buy. These are great to add to your registry. 

  • 1-2 soft hats
  • 1-2 warm sweaters or jackets (size depends on what time of year your baby was born)
  • A few pairs of zip up pajamas (save yourself and don’t get button up)
  • Baby socks
  • One good pair of baby booties that won’t fall off
  • Thin cotton gloves (so they don’t cut themselves with their little fingernails) 
  • Seasonal: Bathing suit if you have a summer baby or snow suit if you have a winter baby. We used our sons snow suit all the time to go for walks in the fall and winter time. 
  • Dreft Detergent and Dreft Stain Remover Spray


Your baby won’t be playing with too many toys for quite a while. Plus, friends and family will bring plenty once baby is born. Hold off on adding too many of them to your baby registry. Here are a few things we used a lot when my son was little. 

  • Skip Hop Activity Center– I love baby things that are convertible and grow with them!  The Skip Hop Activity Center is the perfect example of that! It goes from a bouncer to a table with toys for cruising to an activity table for toddlers! You can also move the toys around and easily clip them on and off!
  • Books– Reading to your child is an extremely important part of their development. Rather than having your guests bring a card, have them sign a book as a card instead! Simply put a quick note to your guests on your registry or your shower invitations to let them know. 
  • Wrist Rattles– Since newborns can’t control their limbs right away, wrist rattles are a fun way for them to play!

Bath Time

  • Small Tub or Bath Seat– We don’t have a bath tub at our house so the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 bath tub has been a life saver from newborn all the way to our now toddler. However, if you have a bath tub in your home, I would suggest this bath support seat instead!
  • Baby Wash ClothsBurt’s Bees Baby Wash Cloths are insanely soft and come in tons of adorable patterns! If you have a lot of other things you want on your registry though, I suggest skipping these and just using regular wash cloths you already have. 
  • Toddler Hooded Towel– Skip the newborn hooded towels. A toddler hooded towel will last much longer and be far more useful than those tiny little towels. 
  • Baby Shampoo– I am a huge fan of Johnson’s Lavender Bedtime Baby Shampoo

Health & Safety

  • Finger nail clippers- While some people prefer to just bite their baby’s nails, I personally just couldn’t do it and got this pair of baby finger nail clippers
  • Little Remedies Essentials Kit– This medicine kit comes with saline drops, fever/pain reliever, gripe water, gas drops, a nasal aspirator, and butt paste all for around $20! This kit is a great way to be prepared in case your little one gets sick and have everything you could possibly need on hand without spending too much. 
  • Baby Hair Brush
  • Baby Proofing Kit– While you don’t need to baby proof right away, this is something that’s great to get a head start on. Your little one will be crawling around before you know it! 
  • Thermometer- Using a regular thermometer with a baby is an almost impossible task. A forehead and ear thermometer makes those moments your baby isn’t feeling well a little easier. 
  • Humidifier- Babies get sick and congested often, especially when they are teething. It is good to have a humidifier in their room when this happens. 
  • Butt paste- Boudreaux’s Butt Paste has done wonders for my baby’s sensitive skin!

On the Go

  • Carseat Mirror- Every mom worries about their baby in the back seat. If they are quiet you wonder if they are okay, if they are crying you wonder if they are okay. If they are crying and then are suddenly quiet, you pull over the car regardless of where you are. Investing in a car seat mirror will ease all that worry and distraction in the car!
  • Pacifier clip– A pacifier clip with teether rings will not only keep the binky off the floor, it will also serve as a teething toy! 
  • Stroller and Car Seat– I personally purchased a stroller and car seat travel system and loved the convenience of being able to just pop the car seat in. I personally own the Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger, as I bought it for running purposes. However, I also own an Evenflo stroller and they have an excellent travel system with a standard stroller
  • Baby carrier/wrap– From hikes to grocery store runs to doing the dishes, Ergo carriers will let you do just about anything while wearing your baby! I have the Ergobaby Newborn Wrap and found it extremely comfortable for both me and my baby! 
  • Diaper bag– Diaper backpacks are way easier to carry around with you and your husband just might be willing to carry it too! I have the Babbleroo diaper bag backpack and I love how organized it is on top of being so cute to carry! If you are currently trying to decide on a diaper bag, check out my post on, “The Best Diaper Bag Backpack!”
  • Collapsible Booster Seat–  Our family has used the Summer Pop N’ Sit Booster Chair full time since our son was born since it saves a ton of space in our small apartment. It is also insanely easy to collapse  down to bring to visit family or friends. We actually threw ours in our carry on bag and used it at the airport too! 
  • Pack N’ Play– This one is just a given. Pack N’ Plays are great for travel! 

Stuff for Mama

What to Put on a Baby Registry for a Second Kid

Making a baby registry for a second child can be a little trickier. You probably have a lot of what you need, but some things need replaced and some things need upgraded. Here are a few things you may want to consider for a second baby registry. 

  • Extra clothes- Your second child may not be the same gender as your first and probably won’t be born in the same season as your first. So, you may have to do some shopping. 
  • Double stroller– Unless your first is big enough to walk everywhere you go, you may want to invest in a good double stroller
  • New crib mattress-This may or may not be necessary, but be sure to look into it sooner rather than later. 
  • New burp cloths
  • Toiletries/Medicine restock
  • Pacifiers
  • New bottle nipples
  • New Car Seat– Since car seats do expire, make sure to check the expiration date on your car seat before baby #2 comes. Most companies recommend they are replaced every six years or after an accident. 
  • Replace anything that drove you crazy with baby #1- Don’t go through it all again! If you had some products that drove you crazy, find ones that won’t drive you crazy! 

This post was all about what to put on a baby registry and I hope it has been helpful! Don’t forget to print a free baby registry checklist from the “printables for new moms” section of my, “Free Printables” page! Remember not to become too stressed over your registry. Enjoy your time being pregnant because as crazy as it sounds, you will miss it! Let your excitement be far greater than your stress! Your little one will soon be in your arms and that is all that truly matters! 

- Beautifully Busy Mom

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