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23 Incredible Gift Ideas for Mom Friends That Aren’t Tacky

Good mom friends are hard to find and they are definitely worth celebrating, which is why I created this list of gift ideas for mom friends. I specifically picked these gifts for the struggles moms face, the sweet moments you want remember with keepsakes, and the pampering that every mom needs! Honestly, this list is so good that I’m going to send the link to my husband for the next holiday!

This post is all about the best gift ideas for mom friends in your life! (because every mom deserves to feel celebrated!)

gift ideas for mom friends

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-23 Gift Ideas for Mom Friends-

Mom friends make motherhood a better place. They are those people that you can celebrate potty training wins and sleep training with and also the people you can vent to when your kid is pushing every button. They just get it and they make you feel seen and understood. Needless to say, you want your mom friends to know just how special they are and how big a difference they make in your world. 

I chose these gifts with that in mind. These gift ideas for mom friends are built to make the struggles of motherhood a little easier and the sweet moments a little bit sweeter.

Gift Ideas For Mom Friends | Under $20


Mama Coffee Tumbler

Caffeine is a crucial part of motherhood. This adorable glass mama tumbler makes your morning coffee even better!


One Line a Day

Kids say the funnies things…and so do husbands. Writing it down means that you’ll get to relive those moments later on. 


Magnolia Cookbook

This cook book is worth it just for the chocolate chip cookie recipe and the eggs benedict casserole! 


Hanging Jewelry Organizer

With zipper pockets, this hanging jewelry organizer is the perfect way for moms to stow away jewelry in their closet safe from little hands. 

encouraging quotes for moms


A Little Encouragement

Print out my free printable of 100 encouraging quotes for moms, grab a jar, and ta da you’ve got a gift that any mom will love! 


Mug Warmer

Since moms never have a chance to drink their coffee before it’s cold, this mug warmer is the perfect gift for any of your coffee loving mom friends.


A Practically Unkillable Plant

I have killed a cactus before but I can’t seem to kill this one! If you’ve got a busy mom who loves plants, the snake plant is a perfect gift! 


A Flower Frame

This clear flower frame is a great way for your mom friends to save and display all the flowers their kids bring them.


Mary Kay Satin Lips

This satin lip scrub is a perfect gift for moms who live in cold areas and struggle with chapped lips! This stuff is my life line!


Lace Boot Socks

I absolutely love fall and winter time because I get to wear cozy sweaters and socks every day! Lacy boot socks make it even better and add a little flare to your outfit. 


Wine Slushie Mix

Give your mom friends the gift of a girls night with this wine slushie mix! This mix makes a full 1/2 gallon!


Tile Tracker (Key Finder)

Moms are always losing their keys it seems. You can help shorten the amount of time your friends have to listen to crying children by giving them this tile tracker to find them!


Fanny Pack Lulu Dupe

I bought this fanny pack recently and I am truly in awe of the quality I got for the price. A Lulu dupe for under $15…yes please!


Mama Necklace

This simple yet elegant mama necklace is the perfect jewelry to dress down or dress up any outfit.

Gift Ideas for Mom Friends | $20-$40


Storage Frame for Kids' Art

This frame holds up to 50 pieces of paper so you can store and display your kid’s art easily. You can also check out more Ways to Display Kids’ Art HERE


Candle Warmer Lamp

Between children and baby brain, open flames aren’t the best plan for moms with young kids. This candle warmer is not only functional but makes an adorable piece of decor!


A Fuzzy Robe

As a stay at home mom, I spend a good portion of the day in my pajamas. A fuzzy robe is an absolute must for every mom!


Gel Nail Kit

I personally love this gel nail kit. There is never enough time in the day as a mom to just “let your nails air dry,” but these gel nails dry COMPLETELY in just 2-3 minutes! 


Smile Face Slippers

There are some days where motherhood is just hard! There is no way around that fact. But with these slippers on, at least you are greeted with a smile when your head starts to hang low.

gift ideas for mom friends


"Give Yourself Time" Sweater

Patience is one thing that every mom needs to be reminded to have with herself. This is the perfect gift for a mom friend who needs a little encouragement! Plus, use my affiliate code, Monica20, for 20% off!

Gift Ideas For Mom Friends | $50-$100


Foot Massager

Whether your pregnant, postpartum, or chasing a toddler all day, your feet probably hurt. So this foot massager will save both your feet and your husband’s hands. 


Willow Tree "The Quilt"

There is nothing better than being curled up under a blanket with your kiddo cuddled into your shoulder. This little figurine is a perfect reminder to cherish those little moments each and every day.

gift ideas for mom friends


Floral Mama Sweatshirt

This delicate floral embroidered mama sweatshirt is so different from all the other “mama” sweatshirts out there. It’s just plain beautiful. You can grab one with 20% off using my affiliate code Monica20!

This post was all about unique gift ideas for mom friends that will make your mom friends feel seen, loved, and appreciated! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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