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14 Quick Ways to Boost Energy for the Excessively Tired Mom

If you are a tired mom who feels like you will never not be tired, you aren’t alone. Whether you are waking up with a newborn all night long or chasing around toddlers, you aren’t in this alone.

This post is all about helping the tired mom boost her energy in small simple changes in every day.

Tired Moms Energy Boost with Coffee

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Tired Mom Tips

1. Eat Breakfast

Too many tired moms are guilty of skipping breakfast in the chaos of the morning but breakfast is hugely important for energy! Breakfast is meant to break the fast (go figure) of not eating through the night and get your metabolism and body functioning again. Without breakfast your body won’t have enough energy to make your muscles and brain work at their best. Your body will stay in fasting mode and will be reserving energy rather than giving it to you for your day. 

2. Wash Your Face with Cold Water

There’s nothing like a blast a cold water to your face to wake you up first thing in the morning! Not only is cold water amazing for your skin, but it will also give you a boost of energy to start your day! I recommend starting with the water luke warm to ease into the day and let your pores open up to get rid of toxins. Then end with cold water to seal and firm up your skin and give yourself a wake up call! 

3. Practice Gratitude

First thing in the morning, while you are washing your face or brushing your teeth, try to think of three things that you are grateful for that day. Practicing gratitude helps you experience more positive emotions that will help you feel more awake and alive throughout your day. 

4. Get Some Houseplants

Indoor plants will help absorb any toxins in your home while also producing more oxygen. This increase in oxygen can help you feel more energized. Plus, having plants around is an energy boost simply because they add so much color and life to your home! However, make sure that whatever plants you add to your home are safe for kids. Check out my article, “14 Easy to Grow Non-Toxic Plants,”  to make sure yours are safe in your home. 

5. Be Intentional with Your Social Life

It’s all too easy to forget about your social life when you become a mom. Getting together with friends takes a lot more planning, heads up, and effort. So even if it is just calling a friend , be consistent and intentional about it. While it may take a little extra effort at first, it’s sure to give you a boost of extra energy! 

6. Add a Little Sunshine to Your Day

Sunlight boosts serotonin levels in your brain, which will in turn help you feel more energized. If it’s nice out, try to take your kiddos to a park or for a walk to get a little sunshine. If it’s rainy or wintertime, little things like opening your curtains and blinds to get some natural sunlight during the day can make a huge difference in your energy! 

7. Eat Foods that Boost Energy

A balanced healthy diet will increase your energy overall, but there are also some individual foods that boost energy all on their own! Some of these include eggs, sweet potatoes, avocados, oranges, walnuts, oats, yogurt, and luckily chocolate too! Yeah, you heard me right, I just gave you a solid excuse to grab chocolate next time you’re at the grocery store. 

8. Dress Cute for No Reason

Even if you have nowhere to be, throwing on a cute outfit and a some make up can give you a little extra pep in your step! Resist the urge to stay in your jammies and the tired mom bun all day (I know it’s tempting!). Put on something you love for a little extra energy! 

9. Baby Proof Your Home Well

Baby Proofing Checklist

If you are constantly running after your kids to stop them from touching something, trying to eat something, or going through some cabinet they aren’t supposed to be in, you will be absolutely exhausted at the end of every single day. Make sure that you baby proof your home well to keep your children safe and give you a little more energy for other things. Check out my baby proofing checklist and article here to make sure you have all the bases covered! 

10. Get an Essential Oils Roller

When looking for natural ways to boost energy, essential oils are a great option! This essential oil roller ball is a combo of multiple energy boosting essential oils and is the perfect size for tired moms to put in their purse or diaper bag! My husband has never been a fan of diffusers, so having a roller ball has been a life saver for me! 

11. Don't Drink too Much Coffee

Tired moms are well known for their coffee consumption. While a little coffee each day is actually good for you, too much caffeine will simply leave your body rebounding straight back to exhaustion. Too much caffeine daily will eventually cause your body to build up a tolerance to it as well. Stay below the recommended 400 mg a day and drink it slowly throughout the day to help avoid the caffeine rebound or building up a tolerance. 

12. Drink More Water

According to the National Library of Medicine, about 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration causes a whole host of symptoms, one of which being fatigue. While we often hear the classic, “drink 8 glasses a day,” many of us actually need more than this! The amount of water you need depends on your activity level, gender, body weight, diet, and even the life stage you’re in. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this will increase your water needs as well! I highly suggest you check out this Hydration Calculator to find out how much water your body really needs. You might be surprised! Once you find out, invest in a good water bottle. I personally found it super helpful to get a water bottle with time markers to keep me on track throughout my day! 

13. Move a Little

Exercise not only increases your overall health to give you more energy, but it also increases your endorphin levels to give you more energy! If you are feeling stuck to figure out fitness as a mama, I’d love for you to check out my Fit Mom page with workouts made especially for the busy mom life. 

14. Give Yourself Some Me Time

To all the insanely tired moms out there….remember the only way that you can give your best to your kids is to take time to take care of yourself. Find something that you love (aside from your children) and regularly take some time to enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if it’s just 15 minutes. Do something that is just for you! If you are at a loss as to what to try, check out these 35 Me Time Ideas for Moms.

This post was all about helping the over tired mom find a few things that boost her energy and enjoy each day a bit more. I hope a few of these energy boosters have hit home and helped you find some energy for your day today! Thanks for all you do mommas! The world wouldn’t run without you! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

beautifully busy mom

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This post was written by Monica, a mom of 2 who has a passion for helping new moms find beauty in both the calm and the chaos of motherhood.

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