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Brilliant 2nd Birthday Party Ideas for Boys to Make Their Birthday Extra Special

Finding the perfect party theme can be stressful. That is, unless every idea is as good as these 2nd birthday party ideas for boys. I’ve found my absolute favorite theme ideas and collected invitations, decoration ideas, food ideas, cakes, fun activities, and party favors that are all a part of the theme! I’m sure you will find one that your little boy will love!

This post is all about setting you up with the best 2nd birthday party ideas for boys with invitations, decorations, and food to make your toddler feel extra special on their big day! 

2nd birthday party ideas for boys

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2nd Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Welcome Two the Jungle

This adorable play on words is one of my favorite 2nd birthday party ideas for boys! There are so many fun and easy ways to decorate and choose your foods so that your toddler will really feel like they are on a jungle adventure! 


I found these precious jungle safari invitations on Etsy and instantly loved them! They are fully customizable and you can edit them from a phone or laptop too.


  • Turn green pool noodles into bamboo with a little bit of brown sharpie
  • Make super quick and easy jungle vines with brown bulletin board paper and large leaves made from green construction paper
  • Create jungle snakes with paper chains
  • Hang green streamers from the ceiling with paper leaves attached to look like vines
  • Grab these “welcome two the jungle” balloons off Etsy to make the perfect photo back drop
  • Hang animal masks on the back of each chair. They serve as decorations to start, the kids can wear them at the party, and they make great party favors too! 

Food Ideas

  • Create a “sub snake” by cutting and displaying a large sub across the table. Attaching olives and a red pepper with tooth picks works great to make eyes and a tongue
  • Create an adorable lion veggie tray like this one
  • Put out “gator-ade” as one of the drinks at the “watering hole”
  • Green grapes as “snake eggs”
  • Banana pudding 
  • Decorate the outside of cutie oranges to create tiger cub cuties
  • A bowl of gummy worms as a “snake pit” 
  • Cheese puffs as “tiger tails”
  • Zebra cakes (I mean who doesn’t love these)
  • Make these adorable monkey cupcakes with chocolate cupcakes & vanilla wafers
  • Put out your toddlers favorite juice or drink and label it as “jungle juice” 
  • Create this awesome watermelon elephant to add something a little healthier to the table

The Cake

While a lot of jungle safari cakes are insanely complicated and would likely end in a massive Pinterest fail, this lion cake is both adorable and simple. All you need is a star frosting tip and a small bottle of black frosting gel! If you really want to show off, you can also opt for a zebra cake inside once the cake is cut! Find out how to make one here from Sugar Spun Run

Fun Activities

  • Create a DIY safari jeep photo booth from a cardboard box, paint, and markers 
  • Grab this safari bingo game and a few fun prizes for the winners
  • Have a station where kids can color/decorate their own elephant (or other animal) mask
  • Set out fun safari hats and/or binoculars and create a fun scavenger hunt that the kids can all go on together

Party Favors

  • Have an adoption center for some safari jungle animals that the kids can choose from to take home. These plush party favor safari animals are super affordable and so cute! 
  • Put together little individual bags of animal crackers for each child for a super affordable and easy party favor
  • Let each child choose an animal headband to wear at the party and take home (elephant, monkey, cheetah, tiger, etc.)
  • Have safari hats and/or binoculars for each little explorer at the party

Construction Theme (Let's Get Two Work)

Every little boy loves “diggers” and dump trucks! A day that’s all about construction trucks, now that sounds like a 2 year old boy’s dream come true! These 2nd birthday party ideas for boys are extra fun for summer time when you can put out sand box construction zones outside or go dig in the dirt!


These super simple construction themed invitations are perfect for get togethers big and small! 


  • Use caution tape as bows on any presents that will be sitting out at the party and put it up in place of streamers too
  • Tie balloons to orange traffic cones to keep them from floating away
  • Grab a few road table runners to easily decorate the tables
  • Create your own “Caution 2 Year Old Ahead” sign with nothing but a yellow piece of poster board and a black sharpie
  • Create a “Speed Limit 2” sign with white poster board and a sharpie
  • Display some foods getting dumped out of a toy dump truck and into a bowl
  • Display things like chips and pretzels in upside down toy construction hats

Food Ideas

  • Put out lemonade and ice tea and label as gas and diesel
  • Graham crackers as “plywood”
  • Wafer cookies as “2x4s”
  • Veggie straws or licorice as “pipes”
  • Chex mix or party mix as “nuts and bolts” 
  • Malt balls, donut holes, grapes, or melon balls as “wrecking balls”
  • Dirt dessert cups
  • Stop light fruit kabobs or stop light fruit bowls
  • Have a build a burger station
  • Stick a Rice Krispy Treat into a popsicle stick and put frosting on one end to create “wet paint brushes”

The Cake

One of my favorite parts of a construction themed party is the adorable cake options that are honestly so easy to make yourself! 

Fun Activities

  • Create a ring toss game with traffic cones
  • Put out a toy construction hat that your toddler can keep afterwards and have everyone at the party sign it
  • Put out a sand box (or just large clear storage bins filled with sand) and construction truck party favors. Let each kid choose one to take home with them after they are done playing.
  • Put out fabric tool belts and markers to let kids design their own tool belts

Party Favors

  • Grab cheap fabric tool belts at the store and pair each of them with a few markers to let kids design their own tool belt.  This can be both a fun activity and a great party favor. 
  • A toy dump truck or excavator with Reeses’ pieces as gravel
  • A Rice Krispy on a popsicle stick with frosting dripping on one end of the Rice Krispy to look like a wet paint brush (make sure the frosting drips dry before you package). If you click on the photo below it will take you to buy the exact “wet paint” labels on Etsy to make these party favors insanely easy to put together.
  • Bag together a thing of Plato and a toy construction truck
  • Give each kid a toy construction hat (you can add each child’s name before hand with a sharpie to make it extra special!)

Cars Theme (Growing Up Two Fast)

This was our theme of choice when my first born turned two and he had so much fun helping pick out decorations and food for his party! Whether you choose to do a Pixar Cars themed party, Hot Wheels, or just cars in general, there are so many fun food, decoration, and invitation ideas out there! 


Since our son’s birthday gathering was pretty small, we decided to just let people know without invitations. If I would have sent out invitations though, it definitely would have been these adorable invitations from Etsy! 


  • Grab some of this road tape (we love it!) and have roads all over the party that easily clean back up and don’t leave residue all over the house
  • Create a “car wash” in any large doorway in your home with two different colored streamers and a car wash sign above the door
  • Create a road caution sign that reads “Caution 2 year old ahead” from a yellow poster board and a black sharpie
  • Use red, yellow, and green plates at the place setting
  • Tie individual helium balloons to toy cars or traffic cones to weigh them down and add a little extra flare
  • Add road table runners down the center of the tables to easily decorate your tables
  • Put a “pit stop” sign on the bathroom door

Food Ideas

  • Hot dogs as “hot rods” 
  • Chocolate donuts as “spare tires” (Get small and large chocolate donuts for car and truck tires)
  • Cut brownies into thin slices and put a red, yellow, and green M&M on top to create brownie stop lights
  • Add red, yellow, and green M&Ms to chocolate dipped pretzel rods for chocolate pretzel stop lights
  • Use three bowls lined up vertically to look like a stop light. Add a green fruit (green grapes or honeydew) to the bowl closest to you, a yellow fruit (pineapple is usually best) to the middle bowl, and a red fruit (watermelon, strawberries, or raspberries) to the last bowl. We did this for my son and it was so simple yet so cute!
  •  Display drinks as a “fueling station” 
2nd birthday party ideas for boys

The Cake

Whether or not you opt for just a general car party or a Pixar Cars themed party, a “2” shaped road cake with a car or two on top is an adorable option to make at home! Grab yourself some frosting decorating tips and don’t forget to check out this hack on how to make number cakes super easily! I was able to make my number two cake super easily with it! 

2nd birthday party ideas for boys

Fun Activities

  • Create a “paint shop” by putting out these wooden cars and markers/paints for kids to design their own cars
  • Create a car wash outside with a water table or two, some bubbles, and some toy cars
  • Set up a traffic cone ring toss
  • Set up a DIY car race track by cutting pool noodles in half and sending match box cars down the divet in the middle
  • Create a DIY car photo booth from a large cardboard box and some paint

Party Favors

  • Decorate with these construction cone cups at each place setting and then let the kids take them home as their party favor!
  • Of course a match box car or other car of some sort makes a great party favor
  • Stop light brownies (see picture below) 
  • Give a little bag of four chocolate donuts that says “I’m Wheelie Glad You Came”
  • Let each kid grab a donut on the way out so they have a “spare tire” for the road 

A Few More Themes Ideas (just in case)

Just in case you weren’t a fan of my three favorite 2nd birthday ideas for boys, here are seven more so you don’t leave without one! 

  • Trains (chugga chugga two two)
  • Little Blue Truck
  • Toy Story (two infinity & beyond)
  • Baby Shark (two two two two two two)
  • Dogs (two let the dogs out)
  • Dinosaurs (two rex)
  • Astronauts or Outer Space (two the moon)
  • Ice Cream Party (two sweet)

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