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33 Creative Mother Son Date Ideas for Boy Moms

These mother son date ideas are the perfect way to make special time for just you and your little boy! Whether you’re stuck at home, want to get out, or are looking for fun activities on a budget this list has plenty of ideas for you both! I hope you are able to enjoy them as much as we do!

This post is all about mother son date ideas that both you and your toddler will absolutely love! 

mother son date ideas

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Mother Son Date Ideas

At-Home Mother Son Date Ideas

mother son date ideas

1.Cook or bake something together– Gather up all the ingredients to cook your toddler’s favorite food or bake their favorite treat! Enjoy it together when it’s done and maybe even share with friends or neighbors.

2. Do a YouTube dance workout together– This is a fun way to spend time with your toddler that will also teach them the value of exercise and taking care of their body. I personally love GoNoodle get moving videos for kiddos who need to get a little movement in! This is also a great thing to keep in mind for rainy days when your kids are getting a little cooped up. 

3. Paint together– If you have the option to paint outside, that’s always the best way to paint with a toddler. But if you have to paint inside,  I highly recommend painting in a bag

4. Plant flowers or an herb garden– I recently just planted sunflowers with my toddler and we have had so much fun watching them grow! Regardless of what you decide to plant this can be a fun lesson for them and a fun bonding activity!  This flower garden seed kit has both flowers and herbs plus everything you need to plant them! 

5. Build a blanket fort in the living room– Every kid loves a blanket fort and let’s be honest…I love them too! Once you build your fort, gather up some movies to watch, games to play, blocks to build with, or whatever you enjoy doing together.  

6. Have a picnic in the backyard- Having lunch outside is an easy way to spend some intentional time together. You can get fancy or this can be nothing more than PB& J sandwiches and a blanket in the backyard! 

7. Have a nerf gun war– What boy doesn’t love nerf guns?! But if you somehow don’t happen to own any, take a quick trip to Dollar Tree! We have a nerf gun from there that we’ve had for ages and love! 

8. Order a new Duplo set and spend the day putting it together– There are tons of different Duplo sets to choose from! We personally love the “My First Number Train” set

Traditional Mother Son Date Ideas

mother son date ideas

9. Go to a petting zoo– Petting zoos might be a little harder to track down so make sure to keep an eye out for when you have one in the area!

10. Go to a trampoline park– Choosing to jump on a trampoline with your toddler, that’s true love right there! But, I promise you, they will love every minute of it! 

11. Go to your local zoo or aquarium– Zoo days were some of my favorite days growing up! But those days don’t have to be a full family adventure. A zoo day with just you and your little man is a great way to spend time with just the two of you. 

12. Have a coffee date– You can have your coffee date at home (just make sure to get some whipped cream) or you can go out somewhere together! Going to a coffee shop where they have things like smoothies and a bakery is also a huge win for toddlers! 

13. Have a breakfast date- Our favorite breakfast date is Panera cinnamon crunch bagels! It’s cheap and yummy! 

14. Go have lunch at their favorite restaurant– Even if their favorite restaurant at this point is McDonalds, you will still love the quality time together. 

Free & Cheap Mother Son Date Ideas

mother son date ideas

15. Go to an animal shelter and pet animals– This will make both your toddler and the animals happy all at the same time. What better combo than animals in need of some love and a toddler with tons of love to give! 

16. Take popsicles to the park– Throwing popsicles in a Yeti can keep them completely frozen for a good hour or two! Popsicles after some fun in the sun is a perfect mother son date! 

17. Give them five dollars at the dollar store– Giving a kid five dollars in a dollar store will make them feel like they can conquer the world. 

18. Check if your Home Depot does kids day the first Saturday of the month– Most Home Depots have a kids day on the first Saturday of every month! You can sign up online and it is completely free! They will provide everything you need to make it when you get there! They also have tons of projects you can make at home on the kids page of their site! 

19. Go to an airport and watch planes take off– If you have an airport near you, this is definitely an easy mother son date idea to date advantage of!

20. Go to a train station and watch trains– We recently found out there is a coffee shop right across the street from a train station! Now we get donuts and coffee and watch the trains! It is such a simple and fun mother son date! 

21. Go to the pet store– Pet stores are essentially a free zoo and aquarium for little ones! Just be careful to make sure that you clarify whether or not any animals are coming home with you before you go in.

22. Dollar menu date night– If your toddler is anything like mine, some nuggets and fries off the dollar menu will make his whole day! 

23. Go spend the afternoon at the local library– Look up your local library online or give them a call to see if they have a weekly story time or any special kid events that the two of you can join in on! 

24. Go ride the riding toys in the mall and bring along lots of quarters– Mall rides are one of the best mother son date ideas for rainy days! 

25. Go get your favorite treat and find a good place to go watch cars and trucks– For us, we love sharing breakfast sandwiches while we sit and watch cars! Your treat could be ice cream, fries, or whatever you enjoy sharing the most! 

26. Go to a toy store and let them pick one toy– Now a days kids don’t go to an actual toy store very often! Usually toys are getting dropped on the porch from Amazon! Going to a toy store and being able to pick out a toy for themselves may be the exciting outing they absolutely love! 

Outdoors Mother Son Date Ideas

mother son date ideas

27. Go catch some bugs- My 2-year-old is absolutely in awe of every single ant that walks by him when we are playing outside. If yours is to, you may want to grab one of these bug catcher kits! Or grab a bug vacuum if you really want to win your toddler’s heart. 

28. Go on a nature walk– Fresh air does wonders for little boys! (and it will probably do wonders for you too!) If you want to make things a little more interesting, you can go on a color scavenger hunt while you walk! 

29. Play in the rain- In the mind of a child, puddles are made for jumping in! So have a little fun and jump on in with your kiddo! 

30. Have a water fight- We recently got some reusable water balloons and they are so fun to have around for summer time! 

31. Feed ducks together- If you have a park with ducks nearby and a couple pieces of bread, this is a fun activity that you can do together! 

32. Fly a kite– If you find yourselves bored on a windy day, head to the store and grab a kite or two! 

33. Go fruit picking- One of my favorite things to do during summer is fruit picking! Everyone gets a good snack in and you get some yummy fruit to take home with you and share with the rest of the family!

This post was all about simple and fun mother son date ideas to let the two of you spend some quality time together! I hope you find a few that you both love! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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