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The DIY Postpartum Care Kit You Need For A Smooth Recovery

This diy postpartum care kit has everything I wish I would have known about before the birth of my first! These are the ultimate postpartum products to help you heal quickly.

This post is all about a diy postpartum care kit that will take care of you so you can take care of your new little one! 

diy postpartum care kit

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DIY Postpartum Care Kit

Bathroom Basket

Going to the bathroom postpartum is definitely a bit more of a process than normal. Things are going to be a bit messy down there for a while. So it will make your life a whole lot easier if you have everything you need for your bathroom breaks all in one place. I personally like to keep mine in a cute basket above the toilet. Here’s what I would suggest you include in yours. 

diy postpartum care kit

Frida Instant Ice Maxi Pads

These instant ice pack maxi pads are a great option for a premade “padsicle.” All you have to do is fold it in half and let it cool off! Plus it’s absorbant too!

Various sizes of maxi pads (whatever your favorite brand might be)

I recommend buying a couple different sizes of maxi pads to keep in your postpartum supplies. Because whether you delivery vaginally or have a cesearan, you will be bleeding for almost six weeks. It will be very heavy at first but you may want lighter pads as you go. It’s nice to have these on hand so that you don’t have to run to the store padless.

Period Underwear

I definitely don’t recommend wearing your favorite underwear when you are newly postpartum. Once you run out of the mesh hospital underwear, I recommend using period underwear. I bought these exact ones for my DIY postpartum care kit. This way, I have an extra layer of protection against leaks, especially if I have to go out of the house for something.  

Dermoplast Pain, Burn, & Itch Spray

The hospital where I delivered my first baby gave me this spray and it was amazing! I loved having something for pain relief that was completely touch free to put on. It did wonders for me during the early stages of postpartum! 

An Upside Down Peri Bottle

The peri bottle they will give you at the hospital definitely works but the straight spout on it makes you practically put your hand into the toilet to spray off. This upside down peri bottle from Frida makes life so much easier to clean off.


Tucks pads are medicated with witch hazel which gives them an amazing cooling effect for postpartum. They are great to relieve any itching that occurs while your body is healing down there and will also help reduce swelling. 

DIY Nursing/Pumping Station

If you plan on nursing or pumping, you will end up spending a lot of time in whatever area you set up to do so. In fact, feeding a newborn can take up to eight hours each day in the first month! So, trust me on this and get your nursing station together now. That way when you get home from the hospital, you already have a calm, organized area with everything all in one place. 

diy postpartum care kit

Rolling cart

Organizing all my baby supplies has been one of my biggest stress relievers during the third trimester nesting urges! This rolling cart has been perfect for organizing all my breastfeeding supplies right alongside my glider rocker. 

Heat/Ice Packs for Nursing

These hot/cold packs are great for cold relief when you are engorged and for warmth relieve if you end up with mastitis or clogged ducts. They are a great addition to your nursing station. 

Nursing Pads

I like to keep these organic nursing pads nearby when I’m nursing because they are insanely soft and prevent the dreaded leak through your shirt in public. The little carry bag is perfect for on the go.

Good Nipple Cream

While this Lanolin nipple cream comes in a super small bottle, a little goes a long way! I highly recommend getting this pack of three small tubes so you can have one at your nursing station, one in your diaper bag, and an extra for wherever else you usually find yourself nursing! 


Super comfortable nursing bras/tanks

The Kindred Bravely Nursing Sleep Bra is one of my absolute favorite nursing bras, especially for days I’m lounging at home! You can easily get them on Amazon or use my affiliate discount code MonicaB15 to purchase these on the Kindred Bravely website for 15% off! 

Wearable breast milk collectors

The Elvie Milk Collection Cups will help you make the most of every drop of breast milk! You can wear them around the house instead of nursing pads and/or wear one of the opposite side while your nursing. I was amazed how quickly I could fill a bottle just from the extra this caught!

A Heating Pad

You will likely get cramps postpartum and they often get worse during breastfeeding sessions. If there is an outlet near where you plan to nurse, you may want to keep a heating pad nearby to ease them. 

Other Things to Consider

Aside from your postpartum bathroom supplies and nursing/pumping station, here are a few more things you may want to consider to get maximum comfort during those early stages of postpartum recovery. 

A Sitz Bath

Make sure to check with your doctor (especially if you have stitches) before using a sitz bath postpartum. I personally have never used one postpartum but I know that plenty of postpartum women swear by them! If you want to learn more about them and how to use them check out this article

Stool Softeners (Colace or Miralax)

You of course should check with your doctor before taking any medication. But once you get approval, I highly recommend taking these Colace stool softeners for the first couple of weeks postpartum. These will help with the dreaded first poop postpartum and will also help you stay more comfortable as you heal up. 

A Large Insulated Water bottle

If you have read any of my other articles, you know that I absolutely love my Hydraflow insulated tumbler! Having something that keeps my water cold and has a straw helps me drink so much more water. Since hydration is a huge part of postpartum healing, I recommend finding a bottle you love.

Some sort of pain relief

I recommend making sure you have some Advil on hand before baby comes. You will be swollen and sore. Some days you will need a little extra pain relief beyond the ice packs and sprays. 

Postpartum Recovery Wrap