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23 Pregnancy Hacks for Nausea, Sleep, Clothing, & Baby Prep

After trying all the pregnancy hacks out there, I can assure you that these hacks are the best out there! The nausea hacks gave me my life back in the first trimester!  The clothing hacks saved hundreds of dollars on maternity clothes! The sleep hacks let me actually get rest as my belly grew so I could keep up with my toddler! These pregnancy hacks truly are game changers! 

This post is all about pregnancy hacks to help you sleep better, feel better, and stay comfortable all through your pregnancy! 

pregnancy hacks

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23 Pregnancy Hacks

Pregnancy Clothing Hacks

Invest in a pair of thigh savers for under dresses

Why does no one tell you that your thighs are going to rub when you are pregnant?! These maternity shapewear shorts are one of the best (and honestly crucial) pregnancy clothing hacks if you will be pregnant through the summer. Not only did they smooth out beautifully under my dresses, they also kept my thighs safe and supported my bump as it got bigger! They never ride up on my legs or roll down either! 

Extend the life of your bras

As your ribs expand and your breasts grow, you’ll quickly find yourself no longer fitting in your pre pregnancy bras. But if you buy new ones now you will probably end up buying even more as you continue to grow. Using these bra extenders is an easy way to extend the life of your favorite bras for under $10! 

Invest in a supportive pair of slip on shoes

As bending over became more and more uncomfortable throughout my pregnancy, I started almost exclusively wearing slip on shoes. You will just want to make sure that they are still supportive to your sore and swollen feet. I personally recommend either Hey Dudes or Birkenstocks

Use a hair tie to wear your favorite jeans a little longer

When your favorite jeans just barely won’t button anymore try using a hair tie to get a little more wiggle room. Thread the hair tie halfway through the button hole, slide it through its own tail to “tie it,” and then loop the remaining end around the button of your jeans. You’ll have to wear a long shirt to cover the little gap in your jeans but it beats having to quickly buy maternity clothes! 

DIY your own maternity jeans by cutting the pockets out

I just recently found this pregnancy pant hack from See Kate Sew! By cutting the pockets out of a pair of jeans she already owned and replacing the pocket with elastic, she created her own maternity jeans! Can’t lie…this post blew my mind a little! 

Keep some silicone nipple covers on hand for when bras are too uncomfortable

There are many days in pregnancy, especially early on, that I was so sore I couldn’t fathom wearing a bra. Buying reusable silicone nipple covers was a life saver on those days! 

Get elastic no tie laces for your sneakers

Sneakers are one of the best shoe options as far as support and comfort goes but they can get tricky to get on as your belly grows! If you don’t want to give up the comfort of your sneakers, you can always replace the laces in your sneakers with these elastic no tie laces and turn your sneakers into slip ons! 

Buy breast pads before baby comes just in case

As you enter into the third trimester, your body will be ramping up to get ready for breastfeeding your baby. Some women find that they will start to leak very early in the third trimester. While it won’t be very much, you may feel more comfortable if you have already bought reusable breast pads that you can use to stay dry. 

Use programs like Stitch Fix and Amazon try before you buy

There are very few stores that sell maternity clothes at all, let alone cute ones. I ordered and had to send back SO MUCH maternity clothing. I personally ended up using Amazon’s try before you buy program for maternity staples this pregnancy. You can order up to six items without being charged. Once they arrive you have a week to try them on and decide whether you are keeping them or sending them back with free shipping. This was a super easy way to shop for maternity clothes without having to leave the house. I’ve personally never used Stitch Fix but I’ve heard other pregnant mamas rave about the personalization in style and fit. Since it works very similarly to Amazon’s try before you buy I can definitely see this being a good option if you don’t have many stores selling maternity clothing nearby. 

Pregnancy Nausea Hacks

Ask your OB about magnesium spray if you’re struggling with nausea

Words truly cannot express how much of a life saver this magnesium nausea spray was for me! I went from laying on the couch unsure of how I would make it through the day to my normal workouts! Just make sure you check with your doctor first and use a safe amount for your body. 

Pack a snack basket to keep in your car

One of the best pregnancy nausea hacks is simply to make sure that you never get too hungry! It’s best to try to eat lots of small meals and snacks to stay on top of it. Keeping a basket of your favorite pregnancy snacks in your car is a great way to avoid getting overly hungry while you are out of the house. I also stashed some in my diaper bag so I had something within reach at all times! 

Wear a sea sickness band

My sea sickness bands rarely came off my wrists the first trimester and I could quickly tell on the mornings I had forgotten to put them on! Never underestimate the power of acupressure to help with your pregnancy nausea! 

Get a water bottle with time markers on the side

Drinking enough water is insanely important at every stage of pregnancy. While it may be hard to stomach in the first trimester, it will ultimately decrease nausea. Drinking enough water will also give you more energy and even help prevent tearing during delivery! So, if you have a hard time drinking enough water I highly recommend investing in a water bottle to keep you on track throughout the day. The Pregnancy Belly Bottle has time markers around the outside to help you stay on track throughout the day to drink the recommend 96 ounces for pregnancy. It also comes with adorable milestone stickers to stick on your bottle each week. 

Pregnancy Sleep Hacks

Don’t skimp on your pregnancy pillow

While some pregnant folks might tell you to skip the pregnancy pillow, it is an absolute must have for me! I take my pregnancy pillow with me even if we are only going somewhere for a night or two! You might get complaints from your husband about how much of the bed it takes up but at least you’ll be comfortable enough to finally get some sleep. 

Grab this blow up pillow if you are an exclusive belly sleeper

Not only does this belly sleeping pregnancy pillow allow you to sleep on your stomach all through pregnancy but it also can be used to float in the pool, lay out and tan, or get a massage from your spouse! 

Other Pregnancy Life Hacks

Use kinesiology tape for ligament pain

Depending on what number pregnancy this is for you, ligament pain may come on quickly or it may come on later on as your belly grows. One simple way I’ve found to help with my ligament pain this pregnancy is to use kinesiology tape! It’s just the right amount of support but far less constrictive than a belly band or belly brace. I personally opt for the pre cut beige KT tape strips so they are easy to use and hide well under any clothes! 

Freeze one meal each week in the third trimester

One insanely easy way to build up meals in your freezer is to make a double batch of one dinner each week. Eat half now and eat half later after baby comes. It’s very little extra work but it saves you tons of time later on! Since most meals stay fresh about 3 months in the freezer, I suggest doing this during the last trimester.

Get a 30-Day free trial of Dash Pass

A Dash Pass from Door Dash will give you a $0 delivery fee on all orders and reduced service fees. Since they over a 30-day free trial, I highly recommend signing up for the very end of pregnancy or for life with a newborn. 

Read a specific book to your baby frequently during pregnancy

My entire pregnancy with my son, my husband read the book “Snuggle Bear,” to my belly most nights. Then after our son was born, reading that book to him would almost immediately calm him down. You can do this with any book or even with a song if you want! 

Grab this belly butter early in on pregnancy

I cannot say enough good about Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. I have used it each time I was pregnant and I am currently 35 weeks pregnant without any stretch marks! 

Use checklists to stay on top of everything and feel prepared for baby’s arrival

Pregnancy will bring out the planner in you and an urge to “nest.” I personally became overwhelmed trying to sort through everything that needed done in pregnancy so I created checklists for each trimester to help me feel less overwhelmed. You can download them all for free here

Eat bananas to ward off leg cramps

Pregnancy causes changes in your circulation, stresses different muscles in the way you carry the extra weight, and also lowers the level of calcium in your blood. All of these come together to produce the all too awful leg cramps pregnant people know and hate. It has been found that magnesium, potassium, and calcium can prevent leg cramps. Luckily, bananas have all three! 

Register at every place possible to get tons of free stuff

Rather than registering at only one place, register at multiple and collect all the free welcome gifts you can get. If you want a list of the best registries and freebies check out my article on “28 Ways to Save Money with a Baby.” 

This post was all about pregnancy hacks that are truly game changers! I hope they leave you more comfortable and allow you to enjoy your pregnancy and begin bonding with your baby! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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