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7 First Trimester Nausea Remedies that Actually Work

The first trimester nausea I felt with my second was much more severe than I ever had with my first and it completely caught me off guard! I was struggling to even function, let alone take care of my toddler and take are of our house. I desperately ordered every first trimester nausea remedy I could find and waited those two long nauseous days for them all to come.

This post is all about first trimester nausea remedies that will ACTUALLY work. 

7 First Trimester Nausea Remedies

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First Trimester Nausea Remedies

1. Magnesium Spray

When I ordered this spray I didn’t have much hope it was going to do anything but I was desperate to find something that actually helped. Little did I know it would be one of the few things that kept me functional when my nausea was at its worst. The Pink Stork Magnesium Spray is the reason I went from on the couch with a puke bucket back to working out again. 

Note: If you do purchase this spray, please check with your doctor and with the online dosages to make sure you are using it safely. 

2. Sea Sickness Bands

While I was laying on my couch insanely nauseous one day, I realized the nausea I was feeling was very similar to sea sickness. I had used sea sickness bands before for actual sea sickness and they saved my life then. So I gave it a quick Google search and found tons of different options! While they do make bands specifically for pregnancy, you can get a generic acupressure wrist band insanely cheaply. I loved the acupressure sea sickness bands I bought and they were under $7 for two pairs! 

3. Ginger Kombucha

If you’ve talked to anyone about your first trimester nausea, every one of them probably told you to eat ginger. If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of the strong taste of ginger, ginger kombucha is a perfect first trimester nausea remedy. You can hardly taste the ginger and the carbonation works wonders. I bought it by the case my first trimester! I personally bought GT’s gingerade kombucha but it can be hard to find by the case. If you are willing to pay a little more to buy them individually, you can find it at most Walmarts and Targets. If you are looking for something you can order online, Remedy ginger lemon kombucha comes by the box on Amazon. I personally have never had it but it has incredible reviews! 

If you use the GT’s website, you can check for retailers near you using this link

4. Preggie Pop Drops

I used Preggie Pops Plus Drops first thing in the morning and always had one in my pocket when I was out and about. They worked wonders. The only downside I saw to them was that the plus version comes in a variety pack of only two flavors, raspberry and lemon. I loved the raspberry but am personally not a fan of lemon anything (whether pregnant or not). However, I did discover after ordering mine that they sell a pack of Preggie Plus Drops that are all raspberry flavored if you also aren’t a fan of lemon. I will definitely be ordering that one next time.

If you want a few more flavors, the original Preggie drops (no added B6) come in a  variety pack of raspberry, apple, lemon, and tangerine.

5. Cinnamon

first trimester nausea remedy- cinnamon

Cinnamon not only works great as an anti-nausea, it also works insanely fast! The nice part about using cinnamon as a first trimester nausea remedy is that it can come in many different forms. I lived on cinnamon life cereal and cinnamon Eggo waffles for a while and then moved onto cinnamon oatmeal squares. You can also try cinnamon oatmeal, cinnamon sugar toast, cinnamon tea, or cinnamon graham crackers! Cinnamon graham crackers are a great thing to keep in your bag for when you are nauseous while out and about!

6. Vitamin B6

The first couple weeks of first trimester nausea, I couldn’t figure out why I kept craving salads. That is, until I realized just how much B6 there is in dark leafy greens. I also didn’t know just how well B6 works as a nausea remedy. Trust your cravings. Even though they sometimes feel weird, your body is usually pointing you towards exactly what you need. If foods with B6 don’t sound good or you are having trouble getting anything down, a B6 vitamin can also help reduce nausea. 

Some other foods you can try that are high in B6 include bananas, avocados, brown rice, nuts, and eggs. 

7. Raspberry

First Trimester Nausea Remedy- Raspberries

Just like cinnamon, raspberries are another natural anti-nausea food. They are rich in vitamin C and the perfect combination of sweet and sour for quick nausea relief. I personally found fresh raspberries the most effective when I was nauseous. However, many people enjoy sipping raspberry tea to get through first trimester nausea. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the first trimester and tea can be a great option if you are struggling with plain water. 

This post was all about the first trimester nausea remedies that got me through many very nauseous days. I hope this post has given you a few ways to get through the first trimester nausea and finally start feeling better! 

- A Beautifully Busy Mom

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