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17 Pregnancy Must-Haves That Will Let You Enjoy Your Pregnancy

These truly are the absolute best pregnancy must-haves to sleep better, feel better, stress confidently, and enjoy your pregnancy. Whether you are a first time mom or a mom of many, I guarantee that you will absolutely love these products. I definitely have! I’ll take you through my favorite maternity clothing staples to stay comfy, nausea remedies that actually work, and even my go to water bottle to stay hydrated.  I honestly don’t have a clue what I would do without this stuff! 

This post is all about the best pregnancy must-haves to make your pregnancy more comfortable, more enjoyable, and more memorable! 

pregnancy must-haves

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Pregnancy Must-Haves

Every Day Essentials

A Good Water Bottle

Pregnancy not only makes water intake all the more important, but it also requires you to increase your water intake too! It is recommended that you take in 96 ounces of water each day of your pregnancy and even more if you are active. Straws make getting all that water in a whole lot easier! Straws make it easy to take a sip here and there and slowly inch towards your goal throughout the day.

I personally own this Hydraflow Stainless Steel Tumbler and absolutely love it! This Stanley knock off comes in 23 different colors and costs a small fraction of the price! If you aren’t a fan of stainless water bottles and want something a little more fun, you can also try the Belly Bottle. It is a 32 oz. pregnancy water bottle that comes with weekly milestone stickers to place around the outside as you progress through your pregnancy and time markers on the outside to keep you on track throughout the day! 

Prenatal Vitamins

These NatureMade prenatal vitamins contain both folic acid and DHA. While many prenatals do not have these, they are very important for your baby’s development. Folic acid can help prevent birth defects in the brain and spine. DHA on the other hand assists in both brain and eye development. Some research also says DHA can reduce the chance or preterm birth. 

A Gratefulness Journal

Some days of your pregnancy journey will be flat out hard. Sometimes you’ll be exhausted and nauseous and you’ll struggle to remember the beautiful blessing that will be joining you at the end of this nine month journey! I personally kept a list of all the reasons I loved being pregnant to help me out on days like this. This gratitude journal is short and sweet but it may help you shift your perspective. Sometimes a change in perspective can change the course of your day 🙂 This journal is on my list of pregnancy must-haves because I believe gratitude is crucial to mental health in pregnancy. 

Nausea Relief

Magnesium Mist

I was not at all prepared for the insane amount of nausea I would have during my first trimester. This Pink Stork Magnesium Mist was an absolute game changer for me! I legitimately went from lying on the couch about to puke to working out regularly again. Just be careful to check the dosage and use it appropriately and safely. 

Preggie Pop Drops

When the nausea is really bad in the first trimester, even the thought of food can be too much to handle. These Preggie Pop Drops were so helpful for my nausea when I couldn’t bear the thought of eating. I kept them in every bag and in every pocket of everything! 

Acupressure Bands

I was honestly amazed that these acupressure bands really did make a difference for my nausea! I quickly could tell the difference when I forgot to put them on at the beginning of the day! They are insanely affordable and definitely worth a try if you are struggling with nausea. 

Swelling Relief

Jade Roller & Gua Sha

After my face puffed up like a balloon during my first pregnancy, I knew I had to find something to prevent it this time around. I bought this exact jade roller and gua sha and now I’m in my third trimester with my husband telling me that it looks like I have lost weight in my face this pregnancy! 

Frozen Slippers

The foot pain and swelling that comes along with pregnancy is just one of those necessary evils. But these NatraCure frozen socks may do just the trick! 

For Your Growing Belly...

Stretch Mark Cream

Burt’s Bees Belly Butter might be my absolute favorite on this list of pregnancy must-haves. I used this cream throughout my first pregnancy and ended up with no stretch marks! I’m using it again during this pregnancy and I’m going strong in my third trimester with no stretch marks yet! While I am not able to link it due to certain affiliate restrictions, you can find it on Amazon and most Targets! 

Belly Support Belt

If this is your first pregnancy, you may not experience as much ligament and pelvic pain. But if you are pregnant with multiples or this isn’t your first pregnancy, you may need a little more support since your ligaments have already stretched out before. A belly support belt can help take some of the pressure off those insanely stretched ligaments and can also help reduce any pelvic swelling you may have. 

KT Tape

If you don’t find a belly support belt comfortable or want something that goes better under clothes, KT athletic tape is a great option to support your growing belly. It also does wonders on sore joints like knees and ankles, which can be more common in pregnancy due to the hormone relaxin stretching out all the  ligaments in your body. 

A New Exercise Routine or App

Exercise is even important during pregnancy but as your pregnancy progresses and your belly grows you will have to make some changes to your workout routine. If you are looking for some workout inspiration, you can find pregnancy safe workouts and stretches on my fitness page. If you are looking for a full comprehensive workout plan that even comes with nutrition, I highly recommend the app Baby2Body. While it is a little bit pricey, I used this app with my first pregnancy and absolutely loved it! You can set your own goals and let the app tailor your workouts and nutrition to help you meet them. Then, all you have to do is click on that days video(s) and follow along. It makes being active in pregnancy a whole lot easier. 

A Pregnancy Pillow

This is the exact pregnancy pillow I have used with my last two pregnancies. It has helped my lower back pain so much and helps me stay on my side and off my back throughout the night. I honestly don’t know how I’d get any sleep without this pillow! 

Maternity Clothing Staples

Pant Extender Belt

While other pant extenders do work well, this pant extender belt does a great job hiding the gap left behind. The Maeband pant extender belt is a really simple way to extend the life of your pre pregnancy jeans into the first few months of your pregnancy. 

A Comfortable Night Gown

A comfortable button up night gown is perfect for later on in pregnancy when pants become a burden. But it’s also the perfect thing to pack in your hospital bag and to use postpartum when you need easy access for nursing. It’s versatility is exactly what put this night gown on this list of the pregnancy must-haves. 

Maternity Leggings