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8 Unique Pieces of Personalized Mom Jewelry To Hold Your Kids Close

My personalized mom jewelry makes me smile every time I put it on! They are a badge of honor that I love to wear and keep my kiddos close to my heart every day. And while most mom jewelry is all very much the same, these pieces definitely aren’t. They will blend with most any outfit while also standing out amongst other mom jewelry. 

This post is all about personalized mom jewelry that will be extra special to you and unique from any other mom jewelry! I hope you find a piece you love!

personalized mom jewelry

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Personalized Mom Jewelry

Why personalized mom jewelry?

Being a mom is something to be proud of and every mom loves bragging about their kids! Mom jewelry does both for you! It brags about your kids and let’s you look good doing it. That’s why I think that personalized mom jewelry is the perfect gift for quite literally anything involving moms. It’s great for baby showers, gender reveals, birthdays, mother’s day, or even a postpartum pick me up! There is truly no bad time!

1. Stacking Name Rings

It seems most mom jewelry comes in the form of a necklace. So, these adorable stacking name rings are perfect if you just aren’t a necklace type of gal. They are nice and thin so stacking them doesn’t get overly bulky. Plus, since you order each name individually, these rings are also super easy to add onto as your family grows. 


Metal Options: Sterling Silver

2. Birth Flower Necklace

If you aren’t a fan of wearing your kids’ names on your jewelry, you can wear their birth flower instead. It’s very discrete and beautiful yet highly meaningful at the same time. This necklace is highly customizable too. You can pick the chain length, add up to five flowers, choose to engrave the back, and/or choose to add a small initial charm (such as the first letter of your last name). The hidden meaning in this one makes this one a little extra special to put on.


Metal Options: Sterling Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

3. Flower Birthstone Ring

This adorable dainty flower ring can be customized to have between one and five flowers on it. With the center of each one being one of your kids’ birthstones, it’s a very subtle piece of mom jewelry that you can wear with any outfit. And if you have a little girl, she might love a matching ring with her birthstone in it too. 


Metal Options: Sterling Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

4. Birthstone Earrings

As long as your children don’t have birthstones that clash together, these birthstone earrings are a fun way to dress up your outfit. I absolutely love the way my kids’ birthstones look together and having my earrings carry meaning. These earrings come with up to six gemstones and also offer the option to add more later as your family grows. 


Metal Options: Silver, Black Silver, Rose Gold, Gold

5. Bar Necklace

This bar necklace is super easy to personalize. You can use just your kids’ names or you can add birthdays/weights, middle names, anything really! Add your last name. Add your husband on there. This one is totally up to you and so simple to customize exactly how you want it. On top of what words you choose to engrave, you can also choose from four different fonts and three different chain lengths as well.


Metal Options: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

6. Mini Dog Tag mama Necklace

While many mom necklaces look the same, this mini dog tag mama necklace is both unique and also subtle and neutral. It comes in a heart, circle, and a traditional shaped mini dog tag (my personal favorite!). This style is very easy to dress up or dress down with any and every outfit!


Metal Options: Silver, Gold

7. Heart Charm Bracelet

If you are a fan of Alex and Ani bracelets, this heart charm bracelet is a very similar style. You can add up to four heart charms, choosing both what goes on each heart and the font that is used. 


Metal Options: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver

8. Picture Projection Necklace

These personalized photo necklaces allow you to see the photo you choose when you look through the centerpiece or put your phone camera up to it. Honestly, I was skeptical of how good the photo would look at first but when my husband got me one of these I was amazed by the photo quality. I absolutely love my photo necklace and I’m hoping to get another one with an updated picture soon! All you need is a cute family photo for this one to make a great piece of mom jewelry. 



Metal Options: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver

This post was all about personalized mom jewelry that’s not only unique but also stunning. These pieces are one of the best ways to keep those sweet little ones close to your heart. 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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