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How to Throw a Roaring Three Rex Birthday Party on a Budget

A three rex birthday party will be a dream for the dinosaur loving toddlers. But, even better, I’ll show you how to throw your three rex birthday party on a budget. That way, everyone can enjoy the day!

This post is all about how to create an incredible three rex birthday cake, simple yet amazing decorations, yummy treats, and insanely fun activities so your toddler will love every minute of the day. 

three rex birthday

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Three Rex Birthday

Every birthday growing up, my mom went above and beyond. I woke up in the morning to streamers everywhere, a cake beautifully decorated, my favorite breakfast ready to go in the oven, and my presents already wrapped taunting me from the middle of the table.

I would walk out into our kitchen as a kid and my face would hurt from smiling. That’s what I want for my kids on their birthday. I want them to know just how much they are treasured and celebrated. So, for my dinosaur loving tot, I had a lot of fun putting this together and it was so fun to see his face when he saw it all. I hope these ideas help you make your little one’s birthday extra special for both you and them.

Three Rex Birthday Decorations

Three Rex Birthday Sign

three rex birthday

Every birthday, I like creating one themed sign for my kids to keep in their room when the rest of the decorations come down. This is a super simple sign to make too. Once I wrote it out, I just added some color, a 3 balloon from Dollar Tree, and a few of the dinosaur track stickers from the floor. 

Dinosaur Tracks & Balloon

three rex

I was so excited when I found dinosaur footprint stickers  at Dollar Tree. We created a track of footprints all the way from the front door, through the house, and to a giant dinosaur balloon (also from the Dollar Tree). 

The stickers have held up insanely well far past the party but didn’t leave any residue or mark on my carpet when I peeled them up. 

If your Dollar Tree doesn’t have these stickers or dinosaur, you could also cut some out with construction paper and tape them onto the floor and grab this standing dinosaur balloon off Amazon. It’s got 19 different designs and colors to choose from. 

The Tablecloth/Plates/Napkins

3 rex

I honestly was amazed by the selection of dinosaur stuff I found at my local Dollar Tree. I found adorable dinosaur paper plates as well as napkins and a leaves table cloth that worked perfect to bring the meal all together!

Dinosaur Stuffed Animals/Toys

If your toddler is a true dinosaur fanatic, they probably have dinosaur stuffed animals, toys, and figurines everywhere. Make use of them and add a little more decoration to your party with very little effort!

Three Rex Birthday Activities


three rex decor
three rex party games

All you’ll need to create your own Triceratoss game is a foam board, sharpie, party hats, and a few glow sticks from the Dollar Tree. I just created an outline of a triceratops, taped on the party hats, broke the glowsticks, and then let my toddler color it in exactly how he wanted it for his party! We had a blast playing with it all day.

Dinosaur Corn hole

With a dinosaur version of corn hole alongside our triceratoss game, even the adults had a ton of fun! I couldn’t find the exact one we have but here’s a comparable one on Amazon

Paint (or Color) Your Own Dinosaur

three rex dinosaur party

You can likely find wooden paintable dinosaurs at your local Dollar Tree. But if yours doesn’t have them, you can get this pack of 48 of them for under $10 on Amazon. We also kept out some not cards on different dinosaurs in case anyone wanted to color theirs to look like a specific dinosaur. 

DIY Dinosaur Dig

dinosaur dig

I’ve bought my toddler plenty of dinosaur excavation toys. Up until his three rex party, I had no idea just how easy it is to make your own! Choose a baking dish (glass or disposable) and add two parts corn starch and one part water! Then add a few dinosaur figurines. We couldn’t find any at our Dollar Tree but ended up adding glow in the dark dinosaurs to it and loved it! Let is sit out for a day or two to harden and that’s it! 

Just make sure that you have dig tools ready for the excavation!

Three Rex Birthday Food Ideas

Dinosaur Bones

three rex birthday food

These “dinosaur bones” are nothing more than a mix of crushed up graham crackers and white chocolate pretzels! It’s insanely simple, especially if you buy the white chocolate pretzels pre-made. Serve them with a new play shovel so everyone can “dig” for dinosaur bones. 

Pre-Historic Dirt

dinosaur dirt cups

I got the idea to make dinosaur dirt cups and the recipe from Made to Be a Mama. It’s an insanely simple recipe but makes the perfect add to a three rex birthday.

Dinosaur Eggs & Claws

3 rex party food

My toddler recently got hold of his first cheeseball and now has an OBSESSION with them. So we had to fit them in somehow…insert dinosaur eggs. 

We also used Bugles as dinosaur claws. Plus, put the two together and the kids will love making “ice cream cones” or “party hats” out of them!

Jello Dinosaurs

dinosaur cookie

My toddler had a ton of fun helping me make the Jello dinosaurs for his party. Just follow the directions for Jello Jigglers on the side of the box. We used these dinosaur cookie cutters to make them. Plus, now we have dinosaur cookie cutters for next time we want to make cut out cookies!

Veggies for the Herbivores

t rex veggie tray

If you can line up carrots in a row, you can make this veggie tray. The most complicated part is cutting the teeth on the pepper which you can always skip! 


three rex birthday

I found so many watermelon dinosaur ideas on Pinterest when I was planning for my son’s three rex birthday. But, they were all so dang complicated. These ones were insanely simple to make and cute too! A smile face slice of watermelon with strawberries of pineapple along the rind with toothpicks! It’s seriously so easy!

A Main Course

Dino nuggets are an obvious choice for a main course, but we decided to go with spaghetti and “meteors” since it’s one of my toddlers absolute favorites. 

Three Rex Birthday Cake

3 rex birthday cake

Believe it or not, this dinosaur birthday cake is actually so much easier than it looks! It’s a little bit time consuming but I truly think anyone can do it! 

I ended up making a few changes and tweaks to this cake but my original inspiration for this cake came from the Bright Color Mom. Here’s how I made mine. 

  1. Start by making two round cakes. I used 8 inch pans but you can really use whatever! Once they come out and cool, place one as the base and cut one of them in half, stacking them on top of each other. 
  2. Ice the entire outside of the cake. 
  3. Line the outside of the cake with pirouette cookies, cutting them as needed to fit the height needed and leaving a spot for whatever size waterfall you want. 
  4. Create a waterfall and pond at the bottom using blue icing. Then sprinkle blue sugar on top of it and add white stars at the bottom of the waterfall to create the “foam” at the bottom of the waterfall. 
  5. Create dirt on the “land” areas of the cake using crushed up vanilla wafers. 
  6. Figure out where you want the candle. I got mine as a set at Dollar Tree.
  7. Add the dinosaurs, trees, leaves, and eggs in the dinosaur cake topper kit in whatever configuration you want. (I didn’t use all of them but  you can use whatever dinosaurs your tot likes best!)
  8. Make a batch of green frosting and pipe it onto your cake as stars to create an appearance of bushes and cascading vines. 
  9. Watch your little one’s face light up when they see all the hard work you put into their cake. 
  10. Enjoy some cake! 🙂

Three Rex Birthday Party Favors

three rex birthday

Adopt a Dinosaur

You can use regular dinosaur figurines for this, but we ended up using dinosaur hand puppets from the Disney movie “Dinosaur.” Here’s a few more ideas: 

Three Rex Birthday Invitations

We did a very small intimate party so we decided not to send out invitations for our three rex party but there are tons of cute ideas! Check out dozens of awesome invites from Etsy here!

This post was all about throwing the ultimate three rex birthday party that your toddler will love without breaking the bank! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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