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The Best Diaper Bag Backpack for Prepared Moms

Every mom deserves the very best diaper bag backpack out there! But there are so many diaper bags on the market and it makes it hard to know which one to buy. This diaper bag backpack is big enough for everything I need and keeps me organized all for a good price! 

This post is all about the best diaper bag backpack that every mom needs! 

The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

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The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

Top 5 Reasons I Love my Bableroo Diaper Bag Backpack

It's Big Enough for Everything I Need

I’m the type of mom who wants to be prepared for absolutely everything. I like to cover all the bases when it comes to packing my diaper bag. I even carry a LifeVac choking rescue device (but hope I never have to use it.) You can easily fit everything you need for multiple kids in this bag and you may even still have space to spare. I currently have mine packed for my toddler and soon to be newborn and I still have a pocket I’m not using. 

It Keeps Me Super Organized

When I got rid of my old diaper bag and upgraded to the BabbleRoo diaper bag backpack, I was in AWE of just how many pockets and compartments this bag has! Not only that, but every pocket is strategically placed to keep everything organized right where it makes sense! It’s clear a mom had a part in designing this bag! 

It's Comfortable on My Back

Once you’ve found a bag big enough to hold everything you need as a mom, you also have to make sure that that bag is comfortable to wear. You will have it on your back almost everywhere that you go. It’s your new purse and you don’t want to have a diaper bag that hurts to carry. This diaper bag backpack has cushioned straps that make it far more comfortable on your shoulders than most backpack diaper bags. It also has built in stroller straps in case you want a break from wearing it once in a while.

It's Affordable

While many diaper bags from places like Freshly Picked or Itzy Ritzy are nice, they often cost upwards of $200 or more! This diaper bag backpack does everything they do and more for way less than even half the price of those other bags! They are currently on sale on Amazon now as I’m writing this!

It's Still Stylish

Usually things that are practical aren’t cute anymore. That isn’t the case with the BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack! I get tons of compliments on my diaper bag all the time! But unlike many of the luxury diaper bags, this bag is practical too! It also comes in eight different colors! 

My Diaper Bag Essentials & Where I Keep Them

The first time I packed my diaper bag for my newborn, I was completely clueless as to what I needed and didn’t need. But since my diaper bag first became my new purse, I have slowly fine tuned everything that I need in my diaper bag. Here’s a quick list of everything I am currently packing in my diaper bag for my toddler and soon to be newborn! 

  • Bottles 
  • Burp Cloths (1-2)
  • Nursing Cover
  • Breast pads
  • My mom stuff (wallet, chapstick, hair ties, gum, etc.)
  • A wet bag for wet diapers or clothes
  • A few diapers
  • Pacifier & pacifier clip
  • A pack of wipes
  • Diaper cream (I prefer Butt Paste
  • Orajel cooling teething gel
  • Infant Tylenol
  • An extra set of clothes for each child
  • Sippy cup
  • Snacks
  • Teething toys
  • Kids ear protection (comes in handy during loud sporting events when kids need a nap!)
  • Butt Paste
  • 2-3 small toys
  • LifeVac Choking Rescue Device
  • Diaper changing pad
  • Water bottles and snacks for me and my kiddos

Front Pocket |The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

extra large diaper bag backpack

The small pocket on the front of this diaper bag opens up to three insulated pockets for bottles and a zipper pocket that works great for a burp cloth or two. The insulated pockets fit bottles from all the major brands too. The outside of the front pocket also has a small zipper pocket with a key loop inside. If you decide not to use it for your keys, it also works great to keep a mask on hand. I never remember to bring one for my prenatal appointments and this key loop has saved me more than once! 

2 Hidden Pockets | The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

stylish diaper bags

On the front part of this diaper bag there are two hidden pockets. Both of them are deep enough to fit almost anything. I use one of them to hold a wet bag and any wet clothes or diapers. I use the other hidden pocket for all my mom things that used to go in my purse like my phone, wallet, sunglasses, gum, hair ties, or Tylenol.

Pacifier Holder | The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

diaper bag for toddler and newborn

This diaper bag also comes with a cute detachable pacifier keeper. Now you can always have a pacifier with you and know where it is at all times.  It’s big enough that you can also keep your pacifier clip attached and stored inside. This pocket is insulated too so that it doesn’t get nasty in the summer heat or super cold in the winter time. 

Diaper Organizer | The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

what to pack in a diaper bag scaled

My favorite pocket on this bag is specifically built to keep all your diapers organized. It has two pockets perfectly sized to store both diapers and wipes. It also has a large mesh pocket that is perfect for an extra set of clothes or two. And finally a small mesh zipper pocket where I usually keep diaper cream, Orajel, and infant Tylenol. I love that this diaper organizer keeps everything that I need all in one place! 

Padded Straps with Buckles | The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

luxury diaper bag

When you are carrying everything a mom needs, your diaper bag can start to get a little heavy. Padded straps are a huge perk to help keep you comfortable. I went from a diaper bag with unpadded straps to my new BabbleRoo diaper bag and I could instantly feel the difference! The straps on this bag also have built-in buckles for stroller straps so you can easily clip your diaper bag onto your stroller if you don’t always want to carry it. 

Main Compartment | The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

diaper bag essentials

As you can see from this picture, you can fit a TON of stuff in the main pocket of this bag. The main compartment of this diaper bag has nine (yes! nine!) pockets! The two insulated pockets on either side work great for my toddlers sippy cup and snacks since the front has three pockets for baby bottles already. The large sleeve pocket on the back of the bag is perfect for coloring books and activity books. Ours is always stashed with my son’s buckle book and a Melissa & Doug reusable sticker book! The sleeve pocket has two smaller pockets on the outside that are great for toys or extra diaper storage! The mesh zipper pocket has two smaller pockets on the outside and it works great for teething toys! The final pocket is also a zipper pocket for whatever else you may have left to store! It can be a good spot to stash snacks for you! 

Back Pocket | The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

diaper bag backpack

A zipper alongside the back of this diaper bag leads to a pocket especially made for a diaper changing pad. This diaper bag comes with a free diaper changing pad but you could always slide your own in here too if you already have one that you like. 

Side Pockets | The Best Diaper Bag Backpack

diaper bag for girl
diaper bag for boy

Unlike some other diaper bags, the two pockets on either side of this diaper bag are actually big enough to be useful. My 32 ounce water bottle easily fits inside them. One side does have a wipes/tissue dispenser, however I like to hook on my doggy bag dispenser and use this pocket to dispense bags for dirty diapers instead! 

This post was all about the best diaper bag backpack. So I hope it has been helpful and you can understand exactly why I love the BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack so much. Feel free to leave any questions if you have them. 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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