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25 Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Love

Dollar Tree stocking stuffers are truly the only way to go if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your kids’ stockings! They have tons of options for kids of all ages and these toys will quite literally give you the best bang for your buck!

This post is all about finding the Dollar Tree stocking stuffers that are perfect for each one of your kids!

dollar tree stocking stuffers

Disclaimer: Not all toys are appropriate for all ages. Please use discretion to buy toys appropriate for your child’s age. Make sure to avoid anything with small parts for young children. 

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1. Crayola Bath Tub Finger Paint

Bath time can go one of two ways, it can be fun for both you and your kids or you can both end bath time in tears. This bath tub finger paint makes bath time fun for everybody and it’s super easy to wash off! 

Bath Tub Finger Paint | Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers

2. Sensory Squeeze & Pop Toy

Sensory toys and fidget toys are all the rage right now. While many fidget toys are unnecessarily expensive, you can easily find fun sensory toys at the Dollar Tree. These poppers are great Dollar Tree stocking stuffers for kids big and small! 

Squeeze & Pop Sensory Toy

3. Ninja Wall Crawlers

My toddler absolutely loves these Ninja Wall Crawlers. They are squishy and meant to be thrown, what’s not to love. If you also have a toddler that loves chucking everything and anything, these might be a win for their stocking this year too. 

Ninja Wall Crawlers

4. Scratch Art paper

This one is a great stocking stuffer for art lovers and older kids. These scratch art papers used to keep me entertained for hours when I was kid! 

Scratch Art Paper | Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers

5. Character Night Lights

These little night lights are both practical and fun! I was amazed at the large number of characters I found in the night lights at our Dollar Tree! There were tons of Disney princesses and super heros to choose from! Hopefully you can find your kids’ favorites! 

Character Night Lights

6. Growing Wash Cloth

If you never had a growing wash cloth as a kid, you may need to grab a couple extra for you too! When you put these underwater, they will expand from 2 inches to 11 or 12 inches! These are another great way to make bath time fun! 

Growing Wash Cloth

7. Light Up Top

Tops are one of the most simple, old fashioned toys but man are they fun! They are great Dollar Tree stocking stuffers for your kids, but they are also great for husbands too! 

Light Up Top

8. Bubble Snap Sensory Toy

These bubble snap toys are great fidget toys to add into your stocking stuffers this year. You’ll probably end up wanting one too once you play with theirs. 

Bubble Snap Pop Sensory Toy | Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers

9. Mini Loom Bracelet Maker

My nieces and nephews love making these rubber band bracelets! This starter kit from Dollar Tree is only $1.25 and will let your kids try out this fun new craft to see if they love it too! 

Mini Loom Bracelet Maker

10. Suncatchers

Dollar Tree has a pretty decent craft section if you ask me. The sun catchers came in tons of different designs and are a super easy crafts for kids of all ages! 

Paintable Sun Catchers

11. Doctor's kit

While a doctor’s kit might not normally be a stocking stuffer, this mini doctor’s kit is an adorable addition to their stocking. 

Doctors Kit

12. Glow Bracelets

Dollar Tree has both glow bracelets and different glow swords. Regardless of which you end up choosing, what kid doesn’t love something that glows. 

Glow Bracelets

13. Magic Water Painting

While this magic water painting book isn’t the quality of the Melissa & Doug Water Wow booklets, it is definitely a good deal for an eighth of the price! This one will be in my toddler’s stocking this year! 

Magic Water Painting Book

14. Modeling Dough & Molds

Playdough is a whole lot more fun with molds. The fact that you can get both at once for $1.25 is definitely a stocking stuffer win. 

Modeling Dough & Molds

15. Hand Clapper

The classic hand clapper toy. While I’m sure I’ll regret this one later, I can’t wait to take these along with us to a few football games!

Hand Clapper

16. Hot Wheels & Car Tracks

Hot Wheels are the perfect Dollar Tree stocking stuffers! Every little boy needs a few hot wheels cars and a race track. I was honestly impressed by the large amount of options for both Hot Wheels and Match Box cars I found at Dollar Tree! This is a super cheap way to expand their car collection. 

Hot Wheels & Car Tracks

17. Car Carrier

If you give a toddler a few hot wheels cars, he will need a way to transport them all! This adorable car carrier is the perfect solution! 

Car Carrier | Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers

18. Foot Pump Car

This foot pump car is super easy to work, making it a fun stocking stuffer gift for really little kiddos.

Foot Pump Car | Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers

19. Echo Mic

My toddler lives to find an echo in a room. If your toddler does this too,  this echo mic is the perfect toy. 

Echo Mic | Dollar Store Stocking Stuffers

20. Globbie Squish Man

Definitely make sure this squish man doesn’t go to a little one who may try to eat it since it is filled with gel beads. But this is a great toy or fidget for older kids. 

Globbie Squish Man

21. Slime

You either have to make slime or buy slime, but slime will always be in your house and in your hair if you’re a mom. 


22. Mini Nerf Gun or Cap Shooter

Every little boy needs a Nerf gun on Christmas. These mini ones are a super cheap option that they will love in their stocking. 

Mini Nerf Gun & Cap Shooter

23. Wall Walking Bugs

These wall walking bugs are very similar to the wall walking Ninjas, just with a little leaf wand to fling it up onto the wall. It comes in a few different bugs too. 

Wall Walking Bugs | Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers

24. Finger Shooters

If we are honest, your husband will probably enjoy these finger shooters the most but the kids will love them too! 

Finger Shooters

25. Water Ring Game

As soon as I saw this water ring game, I thought back to the many McDonald’s toys I loved as a kid. Even though McDonald’s doesn’t make them anymore, you can now get them at Dollar Tree and let your kids enjoy it too! 

Water Ring Game | Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers

This post was all about the top Dollar Tree stocking stuffers I’ve found. I hope these 25 items have helped you get a few ideas for your stockings this year and ultimately save you some money too! Don’t forget to cross everything off  your Christmas bucket list in the mean time! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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