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14 Easy Fall Sensory Bin Ideas to Dig into the New Season

Fall is full of new colors, smells, treats, and textures and a fall sensory bin is the perfect way to help your little one explore the new season! These fall sensory bin ideas are perfect for at home or in the classroom to quite literally dig into the beauty of fall! 

This post is all about easy fall sensory bin ideas that anyone can throw together and every kid will enjoy! 

fall sensory bin

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Easy Fall Sensory Bin Ideas

Why make a fall sensory bin?

Sensory play is extremely important for brain development. Sensory bins not only help kids explore different sights, sounds, textures, and even tastes sometimes too. They also help kids learn about concepts like shapes, colors, counting, letters, nature, science, and more! While they are learning about all of these things, little ones are also learning fine motor skills such as pinching, scooping, pouring, etc. 

If you still aren’t convinced, I highly recommend checking out this article, “7 Amazing Benefits of Sensory Play.” There are so many benefits to sensory play in this list that you’ve probably never thought of before! 

How old should children be to use a sensory bin?

As long as your child is old enough to understand not to put any of the small pieces in their mouth, then they are old enough to enjoy a sensory bin. For some kids this may be age two and for others it may be closer to three or older. 

Now that we’ve got all that covered, let’s start looking through some INCREDIBLE fall sensory bin ideas! These are so fun you may just enjoy them as much as your kids!

1. Build a Scarecrow Sensory Bin

This fall sensory bin is so adorable you may just want to leave it out as a decoration! This is also a great tool for helping little ones learn about body part names too. 

Source | 3 Boys and a Dog

2. Fall Button Trees

These button trees are a great fine motor activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Just make sure your little one is old enough to not try to eat any buttons.

3. Apple Pie Sensory Bin

This is such an easy sensory bin to make and you probably have most things at home already! I also suggest using a piece of brown felt to create a lattice your kids your put on top of the pie tin once they fill it up with “apples.” 

4. Pumpkin Cloud Dough Sensory Bin

This pumpkin cloud dough molds even better than sand but has pumpkin pie spice in it to make it smell amazing!

Source | Elemeno-P Kids

5. Yarn & Leaves Sensory Bin

This is the perfect fall sensory bin for young toddlers since you get to control exactly how big you make the yarn pieces! Make sure they aren’t too long to be a strangulation hazard and aren’t so short that your toddler tries to eat them. And if you are making this for older kiddos, you can add other things like acorns, mini pumpkins, or pinecones too. 

6. Squirrel Sensory Bin

Pair this sensory bin with a story or a documentary video learning about squirrels to keep your toddler entertained for ages! All you need is a squirrel stuffed animal, some acorns, pine cones, and sticks!

7. Fall on the Farm Corn Sensory Bin

Add some corn, a few tractors, plastic shovels and rakes, and plastic farm animals to a plastic storage bin for a farm themed sensory bin that little boys will especially love! 

8. Jack-O-Lantern Sensory Bin

You probably have everything you need for this Halloween sensory bin already in your home! Grab a few different sized clear containers (peanut butter jars, mason jars, baby bottles, water bottles, etc.), a black sharpie, rice, and orange food coloring to set it up! This is a great tool to let little ones practice scooping and pouring.

9. Edible Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

This edible pumpkin patch is filled with Cocoa Krispies and candy corn pumpkins! So, I definitely don’t suggest this sensory bin right before bed time! 

10. Bat Sensory Bin

Who knew pasta, rice, and food coloring could make such an easy Halloween themed sensory bin! 

Source | Pre-K Pages

11. Hot Cocoa Sensory Bin

With a box of cocoa puffs, some mini marshmallows, measuring cups, whisks, and a few cups, your toddler will be cooking up some “hot cocoa” in no time! 

12. Counting Pumpkin Seeds Sensory Bin

This fall sensory bin is a genius way to reuse your egg cartons to create a fun fall themed learning toy! 

13. Magnetic Apples Sensory Bin

These magnetic apples are made with nothing but pipe cleaners and you can easily order these magnetic wands to come right to your door! 

Source | Modern Preschool

14. Fall Colors Sensory Bin

This is the epitome of a budget fall sensory bin! Simply gather things in your home that are red, orange, and yellow. Work with your little one to sort everything by shape, size, or color! It’s a super simple yet super valuable learning tool all with things you already have at home. 

This post was all about unique fall sensory bin ideas that will keep your kids busy while they dig into fall! Not only will they practice fine motor skills and learn about the new season but they will also learn about shapes, colors, counting, and so much more! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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