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21 Creative Ways to Display Kids’ Art That Won’t Leave Your Home Looking Cluttered

If you’re a busy mom who loves both showing off her kids’ art work but also keeping a clean home, finding ways to display kids’ art neatly might be something you’ve struggled to do. It can be tricky to find ways to do both at the same time, but I promise IT IS possible! You can be proud of your kids’ art work and your home all at the same time! I am so excited to share these ideas with you on how to do it and help you find something that works for your home! 

This post is all about helping you find ways that you can proudly display your child’s art around your home without the room feeling cluttered or messy! 

ways to display kids' art

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21 Ways to Display Kids Art

Looking for ways to display kids' art so it isn't scattered everywhere around your whole house?!

Creating a display of your kids’ art doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated! These simple ideas will declutter your home and even add to it. Plus, having a special place to display your kids’ art will make them extra proud of their work!

1. Grab a few cork tiles

Source | Everyday Reading

While a cork board is not the cutest way to display…well anything…these cork tiles take the practicality of a cork board and make it neat & beautiful! 

2. Use an old crib spring

Source | Unknown

Instead of throwing out the springs in your little one’s mattress, why not use it as a cute way to display your child’s art. It’s a sweet keepsake for you but is also so practical! all you need are a few clothes pins to hang up their artwork! 

3. Quickly create a clipboard wall

Gather up clipboards of all different colors or all the same to get going on your clipboard wall. Find a cute wall to hang them on and add something cute at the top like “art,” “create,” or “look what I made.” 

4. Repurpose those curtain rods

A simple curtain rod paired with curtain ring clips is not only a great way to hang your child’s art. Curtain rods are also a great way to neatly store art supplies too. Grab these mini buckets and “s” hooks and fill each one with markers, crayons, pens, pencils for a super neat area your kids can get creative! 

5. DIY your own with some tension rods

If you want a cheaper and more easily moveable “curtain rod display” option, you can DIY your own pretty quickly. Use these metal brushed command hooks, expandable tension rods, and some of the curtain ring clips for an art display that is both neat and really easy to use!

6. Create washi tape frames

Source | The Crafted Life

If you are looking for an insanely easy and fast way to create an art gallery for your kids’ art work, using washi tape is definitely the way to go! You can easily create frames around their art work and you truly cannot beat the price! 

7. Order vinyl frames

Source | Childhood 101

One step up from washi tape, we have vinyl sticker picture frames. You can get some adorable vinyl gallery frames on Etsy. While they are more expensive than washi tape, they really do look cute displaying art work just about anywhere. 

8. Use a glassless frame with wire

Source | Unknown

Use an old frame you have laying around or pick one up from a thrift store, remove the glass, and glue in strips of wire or twine to the back of the frame. Hang it up on the wall with a few clothes pins and you’re good to go! Add some flare by decorating the clothes pins with your favorite washi tape

9. Repurpose your yard stick

Source | Domestic Daybook

While yard sticks aren’t super convenient when it comes to actually measuring things, they are super easy ways to display kids art! You can choose to paint the yard stick or leave it as is. Just glue on a few clothes pins and you’re good to go. And just like with the last one, you can always add some color to the clothespins with a little paint or washi tape

10. Frame Corkboard

Framing corkboard is another awesome way to get the practicality of corkboard without the eye sore! You can make one big corkboard frame or lots of little ones to create a gallery wall. 

11. Make your own chalkboard wall

Source | Erin Spain

It is actually insanely easy to create your own chalkboard wall with this non-toxic chalkboard paint! You can choose to do an entire wall or just a small portion that you enclose with a large picture frame. If you do the whole wall, hanging up colorful frames for them to draw in can be a fun addition!

12. Create your own magnetic strip art display

Instead of buying an expensive Pottery Barn magnetic strip for your child’s artwork, why not create your own with some magnetic bulletin bar strips! They even come with fun magnets! But, if you really want it to look like the Pottery Barn one, just use these magnetic metal binder clips! You’ll spend less than half of what the pottery barn one costs and no one will be able to tell the difference! 

13. DIY with dresser knobs & twine

Source | The Painted Hive

All you need for this one are two cute dresser knobs that match your decor and a piece of twine to tie between the two! It can’t get much simpler or much cheaper than that. 

14. Order a few of these art cabinet display frames

While you may not be able to DIY this idea, these art cabinet display frames will be worth every penny. They make it so easy to switch out art but they also store tons of art in them too! 

15. Set up brown kraft paper through an empty frame

Source | Care

You can easily set up this one with a roll of wall mounted kraft paper and an old frame! Now your child’s art will always be framed from the start! 

16. Start using Artkive

In the Artkive app, you can snap a quick photo of your child’s artwork, label it with the date it was created, the name of the art work, your child’s name (this app works great if you have multiple kids), and a caption. Artkive saves all the artwork by date and by child. From the app, you can then create and print books of your child’s art to display around your home or share their masterpieces directly from the app with family and friends. Unfortunately the app is only available in the Apple Itunes store. However, if you have Android phone, you can still use the website version of Artkive from your phone. 

17. Glue chicken wire fencing to a large frame

If you love the rustic farmhouse look, adding chicken wire fencing to a large frame is one of the best ways to display kids art! 

18. Combine glassless frames with metal clips

Hanging up a few glassless frames and adding metal hinge clips is a simple option to display your kids’ art in any room in your home and still keep things looking neat. 

19. Grab some gallery style frames for some extra storage

A lot of kid art comes along with glitter, pom poms, googly eyes, and other 3D things that won’t fit in a normal frame. These gallery style frames are perfect to display all their 3D art and you can also slide in multiple pictures at a time to store their most recent artwork. 

20. Repurpose a photo wall grid

While a wire wall grid is typically used to display photos, it is also a great option to display art. This wire wall grid from Amazon comes with hooks, baskets, and shelving that you can hook on as well, which is perfect for storing art supplies alongside their art work. 

21. Hang their art on...hangers

While you probably have never considered hanging art work with you clothing hangers, wooden hangers with clips really do make a cheap and easy art gallery. Put a few push pins or nails in the wall to hang the hangers on, clip on some art work and you’re all finished! 

This post was all about ways to display kids’ art that will leave you feeling proud of both your kids and your home! Our children’s art doesn’t have to be displayed solely in the form of a messy fridge and I hope this gave you some ideas for your own home! Let me know in the comments below if you have any other fun ways to display kids’ art and which one of these was your favorite! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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