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August is National Family Fun Month | Here’s Exactly How to Celebrate

August is national family fun month and there are plenty of unique holidays to celebrate all month long! As summer is dying down and your running out of creative ideas, these wacky holidays might just be the perfect thing to switch things up a bit! Keep reading to hear all about these crazy holidays and then print my free National Family Fun Month Checklist to mark off each holiday as you go! 

This post is all about making national family fun month a little extra special for your family! 

national family fun month

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National Family Fun Month

August 1st- National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Raspberries have always been one of my favorite parts of summer! If you’ve got little bakers in your house, try making this raspberry cream pie together! (or just head to the store or bakery) Enjoy this yummy treat together to start off your August celebrations! 

August 2nd- National Coloring Book Day & National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

No matter how old your kids are, coloring books are a ton of fun! If your kids are a little bit older, try out these super intricate adult coloring books and maybe even turn it into a contest! If you’ve got little ones, grab a coloring book of their favorite animal or show and let them get to it! To make things even more fun, go ahead and enjoy an ice cream sandwich while you color! 

August 3rd- National Watermelon Day

Nothing says summer like watermelon! Grab a watermelon for national watermelon day and head on out for a picnic as a family! 

August 4th- National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

While baking with kids can be a little bit more time consuming (and probably messy), it is also a ton of fun! I personally love Joanna Gaines’ Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

August 5th- National Underwear Day

While national underwear day may seem like a silly holiday, it’s a great opportunity to go out with your kids to buy and donate necessities like socks and underwear to local shelters. This is a great way to help your kids understand how important it is to be grateful and to be generous! 

August 6th- National Root Beer Float Day

A true classic, the root beer float, is so easy to make but so so good!

August 7th- National Beach Party Day

If you happen to live near a beach, make today a beach day! But if not, get creative and bring the beach to you! Grab some blow up beach balls and pool rafts and have your own beach party! Sit in your rafts with mini beach buckets for snacks and watch a few of your favorite movies! You may want to make a few buckets of this No Bake Sand Cake too! 

August 8th- National Bowling Day

Todays family fun may get a little competitive! If you decide not to go to an actual bowling alley, have the kids help you DIY a bowling game out of plastic bottles, cans, pool noodles, or even toilet paper tubes! 

August 9th- National Book Lovers Day

Take a trip to your local library and spend a little extra time reading today! If you want to go all out, you could even work together with your kids to create a reading nook somewhere in the house so they can have a fun place to read all year long! This bookshelf with a reading nook built in is an awesome addition to any room! 

August 10th- World Lion Day & National S'mores Day

Who knew there was a world lion day?! Learn about lions at the zoo or stay home on a rainy day and watch a National Geographic on lions! Build a fire or microwave some s’mores to end the day perfectly! 

August 11th- National Hip Hop Day

Grab your kiddos and a speaker for a good ol’ fashion family dance party! 

August 12th- World Elephant Day

If you didn’t get to the zoo on world lion day, today just might be your chance! But if you choose to celebrate at home, definitely try out this super easy elephant paper plate craft

August 13th- International Left Handers Day

If you don’t have any left-handed people in your house to celebrate, challenge both yourself and your kids to try to do things with your left hand today! You’ll be amazed just how funny it can be to try to do simple things like eating and brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand! 

August 14th- National Creamsicle Day

This orange creamsicle recipe is actually insanely easy to make and you only need five ingredients! 

August 15th- National Back to School Prep Day

By the time August rolls around, most kids are excited and ready to get back to their friends at school! Take today to go to the store and let them pick out all their new notebooks, pens, and markers and get excited for the year together! 

August 16th- National Tell a Joke Day

Have a dad joke competition, search out a few joke books at the library, and maybe even watch a kid friendly comedian! Make today a day about laughter! 

August 17th- National Thrift Shop Day

Thrifting is one of my absolute favorite outings, so of course national thrift shop day is my favorite holiday of national family fun month. Grab your kiddos, get out of the house, and head to some local thrift stores! Give your kids a few dollars and see what treasures they can find too! 

August 18th- National Bad Poetry Day & Helium Discovery Day

Challenge your kids to write up the silliest poem they can think of and enjoy a few laughs together! If you have little ones, you can always skip the bad poems for today and celebrate helium discovery day by letting them pick a favorite balloon at the dollar store! I mean what kid doesn’t love balloons! 

August 19th- National Potato Day

Celebrate national potato day with baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, or head out and share some french fries with your little ones! 

August 20th- International Day of Medical Transporters

Today is a great day to appreciate the ambulance drivers in your community and the difficult job that they have. Take some time today with your kids to make thank you cards for any ambulance drivers you know and drop some thank you card off at your local hospital too! 

August 21st- Senior Citizen's Day

Reach out to the grandparents and great grandparents in your children’s lives and schedule a special play date for your kids! 

August 22nd- National Eat a Peach Day

This holiday is pretty straight forward… but I honestly am looking forward to it! There is nothing better than a fresh peach! 

August 23rd- National Ride the Wind Day

Grab your kites (or buy a few at the dollar store) and head to the park as a family to ride the wind together! 

August 24th- National Waffle Day

Grab a fun waffle maker, syrup, berries, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and whipped cream to go all out on national waffle day! We personally love our Lego waffle maker

August 25th- National Banana Split Day

Take a trip to the store for some bananas, ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles! You can let your kids each make their own when you get home or make one giant sundae for the whole family to share! 

August 26th- National Toilet Paper Day

Now that toilet paper isn’t sold out in all stores everywhere, you can waste a roll or two on some fun! Get some extra practice in on your toilet paper mummy before Halloween rolls around! 

August 27th- National Just Because Day

You can truly celebrate this holiday however you want to! Try to think of something you’ve really wanted to do as a family and go do it “just because”!

August 28th- National Thoughtful Day

Challenge each one of your kids to choose a thoughtful way to do something nice for a relative, sibling, or friend today! If you need some ideas, check out these 100 Acts of Kindness for Kids

August 29th- National Lemon Juice Day

When life gives you lemons, you truly have no choice but to make lemonade! I recently found out that combining 1 cup of lemon juice with 1 cup of sugar and 6 cups of water makes some super easy and super yummy lemonade! 

August 30th- National Toasted Marshmallow Day & Slinky Day

If you have a fire pit, you’ll definitely have to host a fire for some friends and break out the marshmallows! If not, you can always pop a few in the microwave! Since it’s also national slinky day, you’ll have to teach your kiddos how to use this old fashioned toy! 

August 31st- National Eat Outside Day

We all know picnics and eating outside are incredible but it often gets forgotten in the chaos of summer! So whether you plan a picnic in an adorable picnic basket or you grab your dinner and sit on the lawn, get outside today and enjoy some fresh air! 

This post was all about the best holidays to celebrate during national family fun month. I hope these goofy, fun, random holidays help brighten your August and enjoy the last little bit of summer time! Don’t forget to download my national family fun month checklist from my free printables page and make sure you celebrate every single one of these wacky holidays!

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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