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13 Genius Hidden Toy Storage Ideas for a Tidy Home

Having kids means having toys all over your home, but with these hidden toy storage ideas no one will even know they are there! I spent forever figuring out how to hide the toys in our home and I hope they help you hide yours away too! 

This post is all about hidden toy storage ideas so you can have toys everywhere in your home without seeing them or stepping on them! 

hidden toy storage ideas

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Hidden Toy Storage Ideas

How did I discover these hidden toy storage ideas?

While learning how to live in a small apartment with two kids, I’ve learned a ton of ways to hide toys around the house so that they don’t constantly end up on the floor. I don’t want toys everywhere when people come over to visit and I bet you don’t either. Here are a few of the best ideas I’ve discovered along the way.

1. Entry Bench with Baskets

An entryway bench is a super easy spot to stash a few hidden toys anywhere in your home! It’s also great to separate different types of toys like blocks, puzzles, or cars into different baskets! 

We personally own this rustic gray entryway bench in our son’s room paired with these cute wire baskets to organize and hide toys. It also makes a great place to sit together during story time.

2. Ottoman with Storage

Tons of ottomans open up for hidden storage inside. A cute storage ottoman is the perfect spot to hide toys just about anywhere in your home.

3. TV Stand

TV stands like this one are another great spot to stash toys in your living room. Whether it be a tv stand with doors or you just add a few cute baskets to the stand you have, this is a super simple and clean way to add toy storage.  

I personally use a cube organizer with bins that match our decor for our TV stand which gives us a ton of extra storage.

4. Knit Baskets

Rope baskets don’t completely hide toys, but they definitely disguise them! Rope baskets are a cute way to store toys in any room and they come in plenty of colors to match your decor! 

5. Wicker Baskets Under Coffee Table

To add a little extra hidden toy storage to your living room, grab a few large wicker baskets for under your coffee table! Honestly, these baskets are so pretty that they actually add beauty to the room while also removing some chaos.

6. Kitchen Toys in One of Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best decisions I ever made was to create a hidden space in my kitchen for toys! If you have the ability to dedicate a cabinet to your toddler’s toys, I can’t recommend it enough. With so much time being spent in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, having something to entertain my toddler was a game changer! 

Check out this Instagram reel to see exactly what I used and how I created a kitchen play cabinet to entertain my toddler! 

7. Over the Door Storage

Over the door storage is a great way to organize smaller toys or keep toys up that you don’t want repeatedly dumped out! I’ve loved this over the door organizer myself because it provides a ton of storage! It also works great as diaper storage too!

8. Rolling Storage Cart

If you don’t have much space for toys in a room, a rolling storage cart is a great toy storage option! Store the cart in a closet or bedroom and roll it to other rooms when you need it! Storage carts are especially useful for organizing craft supplies as your kids get older! (I also steal mine as a breastfeeding cart when there is a little one in the house!) 

diy postpartum care kit

Read exactly what I put in my breastfeeding cart and postpartum care kit here!

9. Under Bed Storage Bin

Using under bed storage bins is a great way to add extra toy storage under a bed or even a crib. These under bed storage bins come with or without wheels, with or without dividers, and in different heights to fit under any bed or crib. The ones with dividers are a great option to organize and store multiple different types of toys. 

10. Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

This stuffed animal bean bag is one of my favorite hidden toy storage ideas because there isn’t a kid on Earth who doesn’t love stuffed animals. My toddler has about a dozen in his bed and another couple dozen throughout his room. My baby also has a collection already started for her somehow even though she’s only a few months old. 

This bean bag chair for kids is a great way to hide away all those extra stuffed animals and create a comfy foot stool or a seat for reading! 

11. Rolling Toy Box

This toy box with wheels is the perfect hidden toy storage solution to mobilize your toys! You can easily roll this toy box anywhere in your home and then quickly roll it back underneath this shelf when it’s time to clean up! This toy box also has bins for organizing toys and a bar up top to hold any books or special toys! 

12. Book Shelf Cabinet

Purchasing a book shelf like this one with a cabinet or drawers at the bottom is a great way to hide toy storage in the living areas of your home! We’ve loved storing games in the bottom of ours but it’s also a great place for puzzles or quiet toys. 

13. Cube Organizer

This four cube storage shelf works great to store toys literally anywhere in your home. We use ours as a TV stand to store things in the living room! Plus, I love that both the shelf and these heavy duty storage bins come in tons of different colors so you can easily match the decor of your home. 

This post was all about finding hidden toy storage ideas that will work well for your home! Please let me know in the comments which one worked for your space! And if you have any more hidden toy storage ideas that I missed please add them below too! Happy organizing!

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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