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11 Mom Must Haves Guaranteed to Make Life Easier

As I have journeyed into life as a mom, I have discovered 11 mom must haves that are guaranteed to make mom life a little easier.  These products have helped me get more sleep, get out more, and enjoy the beautiful parts of being a mom even more! I am convinced that these 11 products will rock your busy mom world! 

This post is all about the mom must haves that are guaranteed to make life easier! 

Mom Must Haves

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Mom Must Haves

Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit

mom must haves

I couldn’t recommend this suit more! It was an absolute life saver for us and it let my husband and I get some much needed rest! A family member had bought me a Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit when my baby was born, but I just didn’t believe a piece of clothing was going to help. So I shoved it into a bin filled with many other baby items we weren’t using. Then the one night, my husband and I could not get our baby to stop screaming. We had tried absolutely everything and were at our wits end. I dug the Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit out and threw it onto our bed. We put our little guy inside and my husband and I both grabbed a zipper. Within seconds of the zippers reaching the top of the suit, our baby’s eyes closed. I looked at my husband with my mouth wide open in amazement and whispered, “It really is magic.” This suit is what every mom needs to get a little more sleep. And once they start rolling over, I highly recommend the Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack
We used that until our baby was over a year old and he easily transitioned to sleeping with nothing shortly after! 


ZippyJamz are designed with a zipper from the neck to the foot for easy outfit changes. But they also have a zipper that runs from one ankle to the other for super easy diaper changes in the middle of the night. To make it even better, the designs are absolutely adorable and they have silicone grips on the feet for crawling or walking (depending on the size you purchase). My little guy loves his galaxy ZippyJamz

Summer Pop N' Sit Booster Chair

mom must haves

I bought this pop n’ sit booster based off a recommendation from my sisters (who each have 4 kids). I was definitely not disappointed. It eliminated the need for a bulky high chair at my dinner table, which is crucial in a 400 square foot apartment. What makes this chair even better is that the fabric is machine washable and the tray is dishwasher safe to make clean up a whole lot easier. It folds up to go anywhere and secures to any chair. Its small enough that I even take it with us when we fly to make meals in the airport easier!

Huggies Natural Care Wipes

WAIT! DON’T SKIP OVER THIS ONE! You probably saw wipes and thought,  “Obviously, I need wipes!” But trust me, you need THESE wipes. I have tried many different brands and Huggies Natural Care Wipes are the only ones that will truly separate and pull out with one hand. This is a total game changer when it comes to a messy diaper explosion! As a bonus, these wipes are also great on my baby’s sensitive skin. 

Silicone Bibs w/ Catch Pocket

After using these bibs, I threw out every cloth bib I owned! I personally love the Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Bibs because they are made of food grade silicone and the color doesn’t fade at all! They make meal times so much easier! All the food drips get caught within the bib and then a quick rinse off is all that’s needed for clean up. These bibs are what every mom needs to have less laundry and less bath times! The easy clean up also means you can own less bibs. I only had these two bibs for the entire time my baby was wearing a bib! 

A Portable Changing Pad to Keep Hands Clean

As babies grow older, they become increasingly more curious. That curiosity doesn’t turn off when you are changing their diaper and it quite often results in their hands finding their way to the dirty diaper. Not only does this Snoofybee changing pad keep hands clean, but it also keeps your little one from rolling over and trying to crawl off as you are changing them. This changing pad also has spots to attach toys too to help keep them entertained while you change them. 

Ergobaby Carrier

beautifully busy mom

A baby carrier will allow you to grocery shop, clean, fold laundry do dishes, go for a walk, or even go for a hike all well getting in some snuggles with your baby. I personally have two carriers and love them both. The Ergobaby Embrace Newborn Carrier is a smaller less structured carrier that goes up to 25 pounds on the front of your body. The Ergobaby Omni 360 goes from newborn (without an insert) all the way up to 35 lbs. This one is great for toddlers and can be worn on your front, back, or either side! I also love the detachable pocket at the bottom to hold my keys or other belongings while I’m out. It has incredible back support and padded shoulders. These carriers are most definitely one of the most important first time mom must haves.

Hatch Night Light

Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, having a touch lamp on your bedside table and/or by your rocking chair makes night time feedings much easier! I also recommend bring a touch light to the hospital. It’s great to keep on in your room after delivery so the lights aren’t getting turned on in the middle of the night when nurses come in!  If you want just a night light, I recommend the JolyWell Night Light. If you eventually think you will purchase a sound machine as well, definitely go for a Hatch which will grow with your child with a “time to rise” feature for toddlers. 

Baby Trend Foldable Walker

 While baby jumpers and saucers take up tons of space, this baby walker collapses to slide under a bed for easy storage! This is the perfect option for the minimalist and those of us who live in apartments too! The Baby Trend walker has three different height settings to adjust as your baby grows and the toys also detach easily for cleaning. To make it all even better, it’s insanely affordable. 

Noise Canceling Head Phones

mom must haves

When my first born was only a week and a half old, I wanted to go support my college volleyball team. But I worried that the noise would be too much for his little ears and I didn’t want him to have hearing damage. I ordered these noise canceling baby headphones off Amazon with next day shipping and I was not disappointed. Not only do these headphones work perfectly for loud sporting events, they also allow nap time in any loud setting. As I am typing this up right now I am sitting in a very loud coffee shop, but my little guy is taking a nap peacefully in his headphones. These headphones really are a game changer to keep naptime regular even when you are out and about. They are also adjustable to fit your child until age two. 

USB Charging Portable Breast Pump

Even though you love your baby tremendously, there will be times you need to get out and leave your baby with a grandparent or a friend. However, if you are breastfeeding, a full day out can get very uncomfortable. After I  made this mistake a few times, I decided to purchase a portable pump that I could take with me on these days. It’s also extremely helpful to pump on car rides (my husband driving of course) before events like weddings, church, or even dinner with friends. That way I have a fresh bottle ready when we get there. This pump is rechargeable and a single charge will last over two hours of pumping! It also has nine different levels of suction and remembers the settings previously used! It’s super quiet so it’s perfect for on the go! Unlike some other portable pumps, it is also extremely affordable. 

This post was all about mom must haves that were total game changers for me as I learned to navigate motherhood! I hope they help you make the transition easily too! Absolutely feel free to comment if you have any questions on anything!

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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