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7 Maternity Staples That Will Keep You Comfortable & Confident

With a few maternity staples, you can create dozens of cute outfits that will leave you both comfortable and confident! The market will try to take advantage of your excitement and desperation for comfort and make you think you need an entirely new wardrobe. But the truth is, you only need a few staples to dress adorable every day of your pregnancy.

This post is all about the best maternity staples to help you save money, stay comfortable, and feel confident your entire pregnancy!

maternity staples

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1. Maternity Tank Tops in Basic Colors

Maternity tank tops are crucial maternity staples! Having a white and a black maternity tank on hand allow you to easily create dozens of outfits that will fit all 9 months of your pregnancy. Throw on a cardigan, sweater, bomber jacket, or flannel on with on of these maternity tanks and you’re ready to go! Best of all, all those things will fit you whether you are nine months pregnant or one month pregnant. That’s what makes maternity tanks a great choice if you are trying to not spend a ton on maternity clothes. 

2. A Non-Slip Belly Band

There are lots of belly bands out there. However, the Diravo Non-slip Silicone Stretch belly band is the one to beat. With a Silicone strip to keep it from falling down, you now won’t have to be yanking your belly band up all day long. It works great all through your pregnancy. At the beginning of your pregnancy when your favorite jeans don’t fit anymore, you can keep them unbuttoned and place this band over the waist band to keep wearing them! And as your belly gets bigger, this band will also help ease back pain. 

3. A Cute Pair of Maternity Jeans

Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe. So naturally, they are one of my five recommended maternity staples! After trying many different brands of maternity jeans, I lived in Levi’s Maternity Skinny Jeans my entire first pregnancy. They were the best looking and the most comfortable pair of jeans that I found, and also one of the best prices I found. When I was pregnant with my second baby, I really enjoyed Motherhood Maternity’s super stretch jeans. The light blue color has just the right amount of rips and the frayed cut at the bottom makes them super cute with any shoe. I do recommend sizing down though because they are insanely stretchy! Honestly it’s like wearing sweatpants they are so soft and stretchy.

4. A Comfortable Pair of Maternity Tights

When it comes to affordable maternity clothes, tights are a huge maternity staple that will allow you to create dozens of outfits! As a teacher, I could only wear my maternity jeans one day of the week. So, when my dress pants stopped buttoning, I turned to dresses. Enter, Motherhood Maternity Tights, the most comfortable tights I have ever worn in my life. In fact,  I wish they made a pair of tights I could wear when I wasn’t pregnant. Pairing these tights with a dress provided me with dozens more professional outfits that were comfortable too!

5. A Good Pair of Maternity Leggings

When it comes to affordable maternity clothes and maternity staples, how could I not include a good pair of maternity leggings! Every girl needs a good pair of leggings to kick back in, especially when you’re growing a human inside of you! I loved my Motherhood Maternity leggings and wore them constantly during my pregnancy. They come in both full length and cropped too.

6. These Insanely Soft Biker Shorts

When I was due in July with my second baby, I was faced with a totally different maternity wardrobe than with my first. I lived in these Buttergene Bike Shorts most of the time and recommend them to anyone pregnant in summertime. The name doesn’t lie, they are so buttery soft and one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I’ve ever owned. 

7. Maternity Shapewear

Dresses are one of the easiest and most comfortable options for summer pregnancies, but it can be hard to make them look good with a massive belly bump and maternity underwear in tow. Maternity shapewear will smooth out your belly and any lines under dresses while also eliminate the annoying thigh rub that inevitably happens later on in your pregnancy. 

This post was all about maternity staples that will let you dress confidently and comfortable (and also cheaply!) These were some of my absolute favorites and I hope they become your favorites too!

- Beautifully Busy Mom

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