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FREE Visual Packing List to Allow Kids of Any Age to Pack for Themselves

A visual packing list allows kids of any age to take on the of packing their own suitcase. This can be a huge relief to parents since packing to go anywhere for any amount of time with kids requires SO MUCH. A visual packing list allows your kids to feel pride in their independence and also takes something off the long to do list you have to do before your trip.

This post is all about a visual packing list to help kids of any age start packing their own suitcase!

Visual Packing List

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Visual Packing List

Every single parent knows that packing up for a trip takes an eternity when there are kids involved. Regardless of whether you are packing for a weekend trip or a weeklong trip, you still have to grab their travel toys, blankets, special stuffed animals, sound machine, and the list goes on. Why not take the load off of you a bit by giving your kids a way to pack for themselves!

Why should you use a visual packing list?

A visual packing list allows even little toddlers who can’t read yet to follow along and pack for themselves. By allowing your kids to pack for themselves you encourage independence and increase their confidence. And as an added bonus, letting them pack themselves up leaves you with one less thing to do before your trip!

What age is a visual packing list for?

A visual packing list works for kids of any age but it ideal for kids seven and younger. Since many kids have not learned to read  until they are six or seven (or are very new to reading at this point) a visual packing list allows them to still maintain their independence. 

What's included in this visual packing list?

This visual list is especially designed for kids so it makes sure not only to include clothing and toiletry necessities but also the blankets, stuffed animals, and toys that they can’t function without. 


The most important thing you obviously want your kids to pack in their suitcase is clothes. Depending on the age of your kids (and their likelihood to destroy their clothes with adventures or poopy diapers) you can choose how many outfits you want per day. Put the total number of outfits on the line and then let them get everything together. 


Part of teaching kids the importance of personal hygiene is also teaching them to take those things along when they go on trips. Your kids should know where their toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and shampoo are so why not let them pack them.


When you are traveling with kids, the biggest challenge is sleep. Getting everyone to sleep well when you aren’t in your own home can feel a bit like rocket science. I never leave the house without their favorite blanket and stuffed animal and their sound machine. You may also want to consider letting them pack their favorite jammies and slippers. 


Whether you are traveling by car or plane, toys are an obvious must. Here are some of our favorites travel toys! 

For the Parents

Even as your kids get more independent in their packing, there are still a few things you will need to pack for them. 

  • Pack N’ Play- If you have a toddler packing with this visual packing list, they may still need you to bring a pack n’ play for them. 
  • Sound Machine- This is honestly super helpful for any age when you are traveling.
  • Diaper Cream– While you probably have some in your diaper bag, make sure you have plenty just in case you end up needing it. 
  • Medicine Kit– It’s good to have a medicine kit made up of  things like children’s Tylenol, cough medicine, bandaids, etc. Kids are known to get hurt or sick at the worst possible times so it’s best to be prepared. I also like to keep Orajel in my bag for teething little ones. You can check out everything I put in my travel medicine kit below. 

This post was all about a visual packing list you can print for free and allow your kids to start packing for trips independently. Don’t forget to head over to my free printables page and find this visual packing list in the “free printables for holidays and special ocassions.”

-Beautifully Busy Mom

visual packing list

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