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24 Life Changing Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier in 2024

Moms have a ton on their plate every day so I’ve created and compiled mom hacks to make life easier in every part of mom life. From breastfeeding and pregnancy to daily life at home and days on the go, I’ve got you covered mama. No more surviving every day. Let’s thrive and enjoy motherhood by making the tricky aspects a bit easier.

This post is all about mom hacks to make life easier in 2024! 

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Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier

Who are these mom hacks to make life easier designed for?

These mom hacks are good for any mom in any stage of motherhood. However, I do have a lot geared towards younger babies and children. 

Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier for Breastfeeding Mamas

Store breastmilk in ice cube trays for 1 oz. increments

mom hacks to make life easier

I wasted so much milk with my first baby by storing milk in little five ounce baggies. It took forever to thaw and he never drank it all so I’d end up throwing away liquid gold. Now I use silicone ice cube trays with a lid to store breastmilk in perfect 1 ounce cubes that are easy to thaw and decrease waste drastically. The trays also come in handy later on for making and freezing baby food!

Create a breastfeeding cart to store all your essentials in one place and roll them wherever you need them

Keeping all your breastfeeding supplies (and also a few diapers and an outfit) in one place makes things so much easier. You will spend so much time breastfeeding over the course  of  the next year and you will probably be nursing all over your house. Having a cart you can take anywhere makes things a whole lot simpler.

Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier on the Go

Use a cereal container as a car trash can

mom hacks to make life easier

We are in the car A LOT and I feel like I am constantly handing back snacks to keep people happy. Our car would very quickly become a disaster of their wrappers and my coffee cups. I really didn’t want to pay for an expensive car trash can so the cereal container trash can was born. 

Get yourself a coffee in their Mcdonalds kids meal

Any time I get my toddler a kids meal, he totally forgets the drink exists and is on cloud nine eating French fries. The drink either gets wasted or I find myself setting the milk bottle in the fridge next to our milk or drinking it myself But then I found out that you can substitute the kids drink for an iced coffee for only 10 cents! (this does depend on your area) So, now if we get happy meals, I get the drink and he gets milk from the fridge when we get home. Everyone’s happy that way!

Go to Build a Bear on your child’s birthday month to get a bear for the cost of their age

mom hacks to make life easier

Build a Bear can be insanely expensive but if you go for your child’s birthday you can get them a birthday bear for the cost of their age! So going with little toddlers is an insanely cheap outing that they will absolutely love. Just sign up for their rewards program and show up anytime during your child’s birthday month. 

Put a sticker in your toddlers shoes to help them tell left and right

mom hacks to make life easier

The easiest way to teach my toddler to put his shoes on the right feet was to use a sticker. Just cut it in half and place half the sticker in each shoe. It’s easy to match the shoes up the way they need to go and it’s fun for them too. 

Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier in the Summer Time

Cut watermelon into sticks instead of slices

Watermelon is a favorite kid food but the juice runs everywhere when they try to get every bit of it off the rind. Cutting your watermelon into sticks instead of slices makes things a whole lot neater and it’s a great serving size for little one’s too. Check out my IG reel below to see exactly how to cut it!

Color outdoor toy cars with chalk and redo them when it rains

mom hacks to make life easier

One of my toddler’s favorite activities this summer was coloring his outdoor car with chalk so it looked just like Lightning McQueen. And every time it rained we got to give his car a new look! He had fun and honestly I enjoyed i too! 

Let your kids paint with water outside

If you want to simultaneously clean your house and entertain your toddler, try painting with water. I got an entire cleaning kit at Dollar Tree with a mini paint roller, paint tray, and foam brushes for $1.25 and we had a blast painting our fence over and over and over again. 

Hang popsicles over a pot or cup when you freeze them to create smaller toddler popsicles

Popsicles are a must in the summer but it seems like most popsicles aren’t toddler sized. It is however super easy to create toddler sized popsicles by hanging ice pops over the side of a cup or pot to freeze. I do this with all my popsicles and then I freeze them as halves. 

Use a Yeti tumbler to take popsicles to the park without them melting

mom hacks to make life easier

If you want to be the super hero of the playground every single time, bring a Yeti mug full of popsicles for your kids. They stay frozen for a couple of hours so there’s no rush to end play time either. The hack above makes it insanely easy to fit a ton in a Yeti if you want to bring some to share too.

Use a bubble machine to naturally repel mosquitos

Flies, mosquitos, and wasps have an aversion to the smell of soap. So, a cheap bubble machine is an easy, fun, and chemical free way to keep them away when you are playing outside with your kids.

Create parking spots outside with tape/paint/pvc etc.

mom hacks to make life easier

I hate how messy it looks when my kids’ outdoor toys are strewn all over the place. This summer I decided to create parking spaces for my toddler and not only did he love backing into the parking spaces, but it kept my porch neat! I create mine with Gorilla tape and it lasted through rain and a ton of sand too. 

Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier at Home

Put your toilet paper on backwards to stop your toddler from rolling it all off

mom hacks to make life easier

Coming into your bathroom to see the entire roll of toilet paper rolled off onto the floor is one of the most frustrating things as a mom. Who knew it was as simple as putting your roll on backwards to get it to stop. 

Make your toddler a cleaning kit with stuff from the dollar tree

mom hack

Cleaning kit toys can be expensive and a rarely actually functional. You can create your own for under $10 at the Dollar Tree! Just fill the spray bottle with water and let them clean alongside you!

Use wipe lids to create fun learning toys

mom hacks to make life easier

I threw out so many wipe containers until I realized just how much you can do with a wipe lid! We used ours to create this fun poster board and practice body part names! My toddler had a blast with it!

Use a lint roller to clean up glitter after messy art projects

Glitter is one of the most annoying things to clean up after art projects. But kids absolutely love it and it inevitably makes it’s way into your craft bin at some point. Next time your kids use glitter in an art project use a lint roller to clean it up quick! This also works great for confetti!

Put a hair tie around your wipes to make them dispense one at a time

mom hacks to make life easier

I absolutely can’t stand when I am dealing with a diaper blow out and the wipes keep getting stuck together. A hair tie around your wipes will get your wipes to dispense one at a time. 

Put Vaseline on a band aid to make it literally fall off

Taking off a band aid can become an entire production with a toddler. Luckily, if you rub a little Vaseline on a band aid it will fall right off!

Buy fun magnets for your washer/dryer to keep your toddler entertained while you are doing laundry

To keep little toddlers entertained while you are doing laundry simply grab them a set of cute magnets they can play with on the washer and dryer. We love these wooden Melissa & Doug magnets

Put packing tape over the speaker of loud toys

mom hacks to make life easier

This hack started when someone gifted my toddler an insanely loud toy vacuum for Christmas. He loved the toy but I couldn’t stand the noise. All it took was a single layer of packing tape to cut the noise almost in half! Just make sure you don’t put it on it front of them or they will take it right back off!

Organize your babies hanging clothes with nothing more than cardstock and a sharpie

mom hacks to make life easier

I came up with this idea when nesting hit full swing in my third trimester with my second baby. I had extra cardstock from baby shower invitations and figured it couldn’t be that hard to organize my closet just like the stores. Trace a circle with a cup and trace or draw a smaller circle within it. Cut it out and cut a slit between the two. Add the size with a sharpie and hang it up! That’s it! 

Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier in Pregnancy

Use KT tape to support your belly in pregnancy and for round ligament pain

mom hacks to make life easier

The ligament pain and constant peeing drove me insane with my second. With just two pieces of KT tape, I had far less ligament pain and it lifted my belly off my bladder so I didn’t have to pee every two minutes!

Invest in a bottle of magnesium spray for FAST nausea relief

mom hacks to make life easier

I was VERY nauseous when I was pregnant with my little girl. The Pink Stork magnesium spray was a total game changer! I went from laying on the couch about to throw up to being able to workout in about 10 minutes! And if you are really struggling with nausea, definitely check out the 7 First Trimester Nausea Remedies that Actually Work

This post was all about mom hacks to make life easier in every stage and aspect of motherhood. These mom hacks have been completely life-changing to my daily life as a mom and I hope they take some stress off you too!

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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