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31 Simple Spring Activities for Families to Start Enjoying the Sunshine

After being stuck inside for the winter months, these spring activities for families are the perfect way to get out and enjoy the sunshine. With everything from free ice cream, to nature hikes, to crafts, to fun backyard games, you will find something every one of your kids (and you) will love!

This post is all about simple spring activities for families to get outside together and start enjoying the sunshine!

spring activities for families

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Spring Activities for Families

What do I need for these spring activities for families?

I wanted these spring activities to be budget friendly and super easy so they were good for kids of any age and families big and small. Many of these activities are free and require nothing more than a little bit of time. Most other activities on this list require nothing more than a quick trip to the dollar store. 

How long do these spring activities for families take ?

Most of these activities take between 30 minutes and an hour. This makes them super easy to do on week days after work or whenever works best for your family!

1. Pressing flowers

spring activities for families

Picking spring flowers and pressing them to keep is a special way to document spring this year with your family. We personally love pressing flowers in our microwave flower press because it takes 2 minutes to press it way flatter than you can get it in a book! You can also take the classic route of pressing it inside a heavy book. I have the flowers my toddler has brought me this year pressed into a floating frame above my desk and it makes me smile every time I look at it. (He also calls leaves flowers and brought me a few of those too :))

2. Fly a kite

Flying a kite is the absolute best way to spend a windy spring day. Whether you buy a super fancy kite or one from the dollar store, they will have a blast. 

3. Go on a hike/walk

One of our absolute favorite ways to get out in nature and get some exercise with our kids is going on hikes! We love our Kelty Perfectfit Child Carrier for our toddler. 

4. Climb a tree

Every kid needs to climb a big ol’ tree at least once in their life. Little ones might need a little extra help and a spotter but you’ll be amazed at how well they do!

5. Blow Bubbles

spring activities for families

My toddler absolutely loves bubbles. He literally stands in our bathroom and blows bubbles into our shower all winter long. So, when spring comes going outside to blow bubbles is a must! And don’t forget to try this bubble hack and put a binder clip on the end so the wand doesn’t fall in repeatedly!

6. Dig out the chalk

Dig out the old chalk or grab new at the dollar store. Try old classics like hopscotch or pictionary or try a tape resist mosaic with your chalk to switch things up!

7. Jump in a few puddles

Kids love jumping in puddles and honestly most adults could stand to jump in a few puddles too. So let loose and go dance in the rain and jump in a few puddles with your kids next time in rains.

8. Do some bird watching

Sit outside and watch a few birds or grab this window bird feeder to watch inside every day. We see views like this from our kitchen table every day!

9. Skip rocks

If you happen to live near any sort of lake, river, pond, or even just a large pot hole after a rain storm, try skipping rocks with your kids. Even if the littlest ones can’t get the hang of it, they will still enjoy the opportunity to chuck rocks without getting in trouble. 

10. Make one of these nature walk vases

With most of us relying on Amazon to support our existence, I’m sure you have a cardboard box lying around somewhere. Just draw a vase and pop a few holes in it with a pencil to set up this super fun activity. 

11. Start a garden

If you have a place to plant a garden outside, great! If not, you can also start a garden in an egg carton too! Plant some herbs and then cook with them later once they grow! Your kids will be so proud to have the food they grew in their dinner.

12. Do a Color Scavenger Hunt

Grab a piece of paper and scribble a little bit of each color in the rainbow with whatever art supplies you have. Head outside and challenge your kids to find at least one thing to match each color on the paper. 

13. Visit a new playground

We tend to go to the same playground every time we go out purely out of habit. This time, try to find a playground in your area you’ve never been to and give it a try. You may just find a new favorite! 

14. Hunt for four leaf clovers

As long as your kids are old enough to count, they will enjoy looking for four leaf clovers. It’s a great way to get outside and get your kids to slow down for a second. 

15. Ride outdoor toys

spring activities for families

Spring time means it’s time to break out the bikes and outdoor cars. It’s also fun to let your kids color their outdoor cars with chalk before you take them on a ride. The rain will wash it off and you can do it again next time. 

16. Read outside

Adults enjoy reading outside so why wouldn’t your kids enjoy it too?! When your kids get tired of reading, taking the books outside is an easy way to make it all feel fresh and new again. And as always, snacks make it even better. 

17. Go to the zoo (or petting zoo)

spring activities for families

There is no better time to buy a zoo membership than at the very start of the good weather! This way you’ll definitely get your money out of it!

18. Roll down a hill

While it may sound simple, watching my kids roll down a hill belly laughing is one of my absolute favorite things to do when the weather gets nice. 

19. Paint bird houses and hang them outside

You can get a wooden birdhouse to paint from almost any craft store. In fact, Dollar Tree even has little mini ones if you don’t want to spend much!

20. Paint rocks

Painting rocks is a fun activity for kids of any age because they can paint it as intricately as they want! I like to join in on this one too! You can put all the rocks you paint in a jar as a decoration for their room too.

21. Wash the car together

One of the things I admire most about kids is that they can have fun doing just about anything. Honestly, I recommend always washing your car with your kids. It makes it way better!

22. Have a picnic with their favorite foods

Grab a blanket and head to the store to let everyone in the family pick their favorite snack. Then go straight to the park to enjoy them all together! 

23. Have an outdoor movie night

Outdoor movie nights are always a blast. Put up a projector (this one uses bluetooth!) on the side of your house or pop up a laptop outside! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy to be fun! If the screen is small, you can always make up for it with more snacks!

24. Play catch

Catch is a classic game that every kid loves. If you have really little ones, a toss and catch velcro game is the perfect way to introduce catch. We have the Melissa & Doug Toss & Catch Game and love that we are able to play catch inside and outside.  

25. Star gaze

Star gazing is a bit easier in the spring since it’s still getting dark relatively early in the evening. This way, bed time isn’t interrupted and you all get to enjoy some time together. Highly recommend a cozy blanket and some snacks to make it even more fun.

26. Find some ducks to feed

If you have a park or a pond nearby with the opportunity to feed ducks, I guarantee your kids will absolutely love it! 

27. Create some flower stamps with toilet paper tubes

I always have a giant stash of toilet paper tubes because they make great crafts! This flower stamp craft is a perfect example. It’s so easy but SO CUTE! This craft is perfect to hang on the fridge for the start of spring time.

28. Create a hot wheels track outside

Recently moving into a house with a super small backyard, we’ve gotten creative with ways to spend time outside. So, if your family enjoys creating Hot Wheels tracks, try creating a track in your backyard! We have spent hours doing this and had such fun together!

29. Go get free ice cream at Dairy Queen

spring activities for families

Every year Dairy Queen offers free ice cream cones on the first day of spring. Anywhere that there’s free ice cream, our family will be there! 

30. Create stepping stones for your garden

This cute stepping stone craft kit is a fun addition to your garden. Since there are tons of different animals and designs, each one of your kids can pick their favorite! 


If you don’t want to pay for a formal kit, you can also find a large rock to paint and add to your garden or walkway!

31. Raise butterflies

Yes, you can buy a kit with everything you need to raise butterflies (including the butterflies themselves) on Amazon. I remember doing this as a kid in school and I can’t wait to this with my toddler!

This post was all about spring activities for families big and small and kids of all ages. These activities are budget friendly and so easy to pull together! I hope you enjoy time together in the sunshine to celebrate the start of spring!

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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