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11 Best Teething Toys for Babies

My search for the best teething toys for babies led me to these 11 teething toys! I am currently going through the teething process with my second little one, so I  FULLY UNDERSTAND all the frustrations and pain that comes with the teething process for both mom and baby. I’ve tried dozens of teething toys and these ones are the ones that my kids love. Hopefully these teething toys will give both you and your baby some relief (and a few less tears).

This post is all about the best teething toys for babies of any age! 

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1. Nuby Bristle Teether

There is a reason this teether is #1 on my list of the best teethers for babies! My little guy loves this teether! Each time I hand it to him,  he puts the entire bristle part in his mouth and laughs and giggles while he chews on it happily for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. There is no other teether that he will play with for that long! As a bonus, this teether will also help keep your little one’s gums and incoming teeth clean with it’s bristles. This teether is also great for babies of any age because it is super easy for them to hold and manipulate.

2. Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

These teether keys are another fam favorite. I suggest putting these keys in the refrigerator when your little one isn’t using them. The next time they are looking for something to chew on, you can pull these out of the fridge and they will have something to gently cool their little gums. Plus, they provide a super easy grip for younger babies and are easy to take with you anywhere. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out the 66,000+ reviews on Amazon that also love this teether. For less than five dollars, it is definitely worth every penny.

3. Pacifier Teethers

This pacifier teether have little bristles and bumps on them that soothe your baby’s sore gums. It also comes with a soothing cooling gel that you can squirt along the teether if they are having a particularly rough day. Cooling gel has literally saved my life with my second baby. 

4. Fresh Food Feeder

If you are using this fresh food feeder with little babies who have not had food yet, you can use it with a frozen breastmilk cube. Then as your baby gets bigger, you can put frozen fruit in it. It’s not only a great teether for sore gums but also a great way to introduce new foods. 

5. Moose Clip on Teether toy

This adorable moose toy is lovingly called Bullwinkle in our house and he has been a favorite toy since the beginning. As far as teething goes, the textured antlers and rings on the tail make amazing teether toys for on the go. On top of the teething aspects of this toy, it also has hooves that crinkle and a plush body for cuddles. This toy can clip onto any care seat or stroller for on the go. 

6. Nuby Avocado Teether

This fruit teether is another one of my baby’s favorite teething toys. We have the avocado one but it also comes in a watermelon, an apple, and an orange shape. The soft silicone makes a great teether toy for both younger and older babies. And it doesn’t hurt that they look adorable chewing on it too!

7. RaZberry Teething Pacifier

The 4.5 star rating with over 14,000 Amazon reviews speaks for itself on this one. This extremely affordable raspberry inspired pacifier is great for teething babies of all ages. It’s easy for little babies to hold onto themselves and the bumps on it does wonders for fussy babes. I highly recommend storing this pacifier in the refrigerator so your baby can use it cold for extra relief. 

8. Dancing Elephant Teether

With seven small kids and two teething babies at our family thanksgiving this year, this elephant teething toy became a life saver. This toy quickly became my nephew’s new favorite teether and he chewed on it for hours. It’s so easy to hold and also comes with a clip to clip it to their clothes. Another perk of this teether is that it can also double as a toothbrush if you add a little Orajel tooth and gum cleanser.

9. Teething Mitten

Every teether in existence claims to be drop proof but this one truly is drop proof. This teething mitten slips onto their hand and has a grip inside for them to grab onto. 

10. Vibrating Lion Teether

This unique teether has both hard and soft teething surfaces, bristles, and a very unique vibration feature. The addition of vibration to this teether is what got it on my list of the best teething toys for babies! Not only does the vibration sooth sore gums, but it also increases circulation to the gums to help reduce swelling. 

11. Baby Teething Tubes

When I saw these baby teething tubes, I immediately thought of the many days I handed my baby a reusable straw to play with while I did dishes. These teething tubes are safe for babies of any age and are extremely easy for any baby to hold. These are great if your baby starts teething really early like mine did.

12. Little Bamber

This giraffe amber teether is a great natural option since amber is a natural anti-inflammatory. I prefer this toy to the amber beads and necklaces, as I believe those can be dangerous with younger teething babies. 

This post was all about the best teething toys for babies that really work! I hope that at least one of them will provide you and your baby with some relief and rest! Please comment below and let me know which ones work for you! 

-Beautifully Busy Mom

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